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7 Piece Tool Kit w/ Tool Bag



Have the essential tools needed to cook like a chef on a Blackstone griddle with the Blackstone 7-Piece Adventure Ready Griddle Tool Kit. Feel confident and prepared with the tools you need to impress your family and friends with your cooking skills while camping, traveling, or just chilling on the patio. Trap heat and moisture in food with the collapsible basting tool that can be placed directly on a hot griddle surface. The Blackstone Adventure Ready series is designed to equip any adventurer with convenient tools that make on-the-go grilling easy and enjoyable. This kit will make a great gift this Holiday Season.

  • Includes 1 collapsible basting dome, 2 griddle spatulas, 1 griddle scraper, 2 squeeze bottles (16 oz), and 1 carry bag
  • Use this kit to enhance your experience with any Blackstone griddle
  • Try using the collapsible baster as an adjustable serving bowl
  • Basting dome is made of heat-resistant silicone, including the handle
  • Spatulas and griddle scraper are made of stainless steel with durable plastic grip handles