Stainless steel construction Heat resistant handle Quickly melt cheese on hamburgers Steam vegetables Prevent grease splatter Dishwasher safe
Blackstone Breakfast Kit
Blackstone Griddle Cutting Board
7" Chef's knife is ideal for chopping, slicing, and dicing The handle is slip and heat resistant Stainless steel construction The stainless steel is resistant...
Blackstone Cooking Dredges
Includes one 6-inch heavy duty stainless steel griddle scraper to remove debris, grime, cooked on food, and other residue Features a handle and 3 scouring...
10-Inch x 10-Inch, 4-Inches tall Stainless steel Steam vegetables, melt cheese, trap grease splatter Heat and slip-resistant handle
Egg rings and omelet ring help eggs hold shape on the griddle Made of stainless steel and heat resistant silicone, they are easy to clean...
2 Plastic squeeze bottles 1 Pair of tongs 2 Griddle spatulas 1 Angled scraper
Stainless steel adjustable warming rack with silicone handles Easy to clean Durable construction Plastic handles for heat protection Adjustable for your griddle Small slats prevent...
Stainless Steel Butter Roller
All-in-One Accessory Bundle All-in-One Accessory Bundle
$99.99 $142.99
INCLUDES: Grease Cup Liners 2 Spatulas Silicone 6 Egg Ring Tray Tool Holders Squeeze Bottles(2) cleaning kit