SKU: 5323

Culinary Series Cleaning Kit (10pc)



Deep clean your dirty griddle top with the Culinary Series 8 Piece Griddle Cleaning Kit. This kit includes one 6-inch heavy-duty stainless steel Griddle Scraper to remove debris, cooked-on food, and other residue. The 10 Piece Griddle Cleaning Kit also features a Handle and 6 Scour Pads designed to clean griddle tops, wet or dry. The replaceable pads resist clogging and rinse clean. Last, but not least, this kit includes another Handle with 2 Cleaning Bricks, which is designed to clean griddle or grill grates and help remove cooked-on grime. Can be used on hot or cold surfaces.

  • 6-Inch Griddle scraper, paint-brush style
  • 2 Re-surfacing stone
  • Re-surfacing stone handle
  • 6 Light-duty scrub pads
  • Light duty scrub pad handle