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Regulator for the 17" and 22" Tabletop Griddles. PLEASE NOTE: If using a Bulk Tank Adapter Hose with your regulator, please ensure that gas is...
36" Rear Grease Cup Compatible with Models 1554, 1565, 1825, 1849, and 1836
Sold Out
Sold Out
The Igniter Button is the rubber push button that you press to ignite the burner(s). All of our products with a push-button, battery-powered igniter use...
Compatible with the Following: Blackstone 17" and 22" Tabletop Griddles Blackstone Griddle and Charcoal Grill Combo
Burner Knob is used with 36" Griddle Cooking Station (4), 28" Griddle Cooking Station (2), Pizza Oven (1) and Tailgater Combo (2).
Regulator and Hose for 36" Griddle Cooking Stations, 28" Griddle Cooking Stations, and Tailgater Combo.
Igniter Wires for 36" Cooking Station. Includes 2 wires: 1 ground wire and 1 igniter wire w/ needle.
Also known as "Small Knob." NOTE: Sold individually.
Also known as "Large Knob". NOTE: Sold individually.
Grease Cup Hanger ONLY. Compatible with 36" Griddle Cooking Station (black), and 28" Griddle Cooking Stations. Used to hold Grease Cup. NOTE: Compatible with Front...
The Igniter Nut is used with all of our products that have a push-button, battery-powered igniter. It is used to keep the Igniter Box flush...
The igniter box is what creates the spark that lights your griddle. This igniter is compatible with the 36" Griddle Cooking Stations and Pizza Oven...