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3 Section Sauce Tray with Wood Base (Cast Iron)



Why have one option when you can have three? This 100% cast iron Sauce Tray is separated into three different sections allowing for 3 different foods or sauces to be cooked at once. Never worry about having to clean up multiple skillets again when this one gets the job done! It's also excellent for portion control. The wood base will make transporting the 3 Section Sauce Tray effortless, while protecting your surface's from direct heat.

Cast Iron comes pre-seasoned and ready to use. It's versatile in use from being used on stove tops, grills, and griddle's. You can safely use any utensil of your choice. Cast iron stays heated evenly and will retain heat for serving food. It preforms best when it is heated and cooled progressively. Remember to always use a heat protective mitt when handling cast iron.

NOTE: To clean your cast iron, wash the surface with a scrub brush. You will then continue to dry your cast iron with a towel or paper towel, and finish with adding a thin layer of cooking oil.

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  • 100% Cast Iron
  • 14.5" Width, 5.25" Depth
    • 16.5" Width with Handles
  • Wood Base for Serving & Heat Protection
  • Pre-Seasoned Surface helps to Prevent Food Sticking
  • Heats up Evenly, Retains Heat
  • Long Lasting Durability
  • Cast Iron Care (Click to follow link)