SKU: 4144

9 Flavor Bundle

SKU: 4144

9 Flavor Bundle

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Spice up someone's holiday by giving them this amazing 9 pack of seasonings! Breakfast seasoning? Check! Various seasonings for meat? Check! What about seasoning that will take your taste buds around the globe? Check and Check! This bundle is great for anyone with or without a Blackstone! Savor the flavor of these unique and powerful seasoning blends!

*Please Note: Bundles are sold as a complete package. Partial returns will not be accepted.  

Griddle More Trio: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Seasonings

  • Lumber Jack Seasoning (8.7oz)
  • Chicken Griddle Seasoning (8.7oz)
  • All Purpose Seasoning (8.7oz)

Griddle More Trio: Steak & Burger Seasonings

  • Chicago Steak Seasoning (8.7oz)
  • Carne Asada Seasoning (8.7oz)
  • Pub Burger Seasoning (8.7oz)

Griddle More Trio: Regional Favorites Seasonings

  • Sweet Teriyaki Seasoning (8.7oz)
  • Bayou Blend Seasoning (8.7oz)
  • Street Taco Seasoning (8.7oz)