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Pancake Art Kit



Take breakfast to the next level with the Blackstone Pancake Art Kit! We've all seen those pancake art videos on the internet and wondered how they did it. Well, this kit is the perfect thing to kickstart your creativity (or get picky kids to enjoy their food). The kit includes six total batter bottles and three different pancake molds in the shape of a bear, a pig, and a dinosaur. Mix the pancake batter with food coloring, put it into the bottles, and then use the molds for your art or come up with your own designs! Feel free to refer to the instruction booklet for ideas and guidelines. Pancakes have never been more fun.




  • Create fun breakfast food with the Blackstone Pancake Art Kit
  • Kit includes two (2) 16-ounce batter bottles, four (4) 8-ounce batter bottles, and three (3) pancake molds
  • Use the molds or come up with your own ideas for pancake art
  • Molds are griddle-safe