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Tortilla Warmer Combo Pack (8.5" & 12")



This Tortilla Warmer Combo pack features one 8.5" warmer and one 12" warmer. Keep your tortillas, flat bread, naan, pitta, or pancakes insulated and protected! This eye catching black Tortilla Warmer Combo Pack features the Blackstone logo and "Blackstone, Griddle More" etched onto the removable lid. Fit large amounts of tortillas or whatever delicious food warm while you are serving a small to large group of people.

Durable and Long-Lasting.

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  • Features one 8.5" &  one 12" Tortilla Warmers
  • “Blackstone, Griddle More” and Blackstone Logo etched on Lid
  • Fits Tortillas, Pita Bread, Naan, Flat Bread, Pancakes, Waffles
  • Top Lid Removable