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SKU: 5400

Infrared Thermometer and Probe Combo

SKU: 5400

Infrared Thermometer and Probe Combo



Stop guessing the temperature of your food and use the Infrared Thermometer. This thermometer allows you to “point and shoot” to get a read of the temperature on any surface. Then while you are cooking, use the collapsible probe to determine the internal temperature of the food. You can also freeze the last taken temperature for quick reference.

You will no longer need to “hope the food is done” or be nauseously surprised when cutting into your steak. Take the guessing out of your cooking with this handy tool!

  • Large LCD display, easy to read temperatures
  • Takes measurements in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • "Point-and-shoot" infrared thermometer for determining griddle surface temperature
  • Foldable probe for determining internal food temperature

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