Large LCD display, easy to read temperatures Takes measurements in Celsius or Fahrenheit "Point-and-shoot" infrared thermometer for determining griddle surface temperature Foldable probe for determining...
Silicone handles for heat protection Made of stainless steel Adjustable for your griddle or available space Small slats prevent food from falling through
Side Shelf Cutting Board-Large Units Note: Not compatible with model 1899.
Stainless Braided Hose Regulator
Blackstone 8 Piece Professional Cleaning Kit
Griddle Spatula with Signature Plastic Handle & Debossed Logo
Convenient taco holder Holds up to six (6) tacos for building and eating Prevents spilling Handles provided for easy taco transport 100% stainless steel Can...
Durable, stainless steel construction Heavy duty, heat-resistant plastic handle Can be used as a food chopper Easily scrapes and cleans food from griddle Dishwasher safe...
Blackstone Utility Apron (Bib style)
Scraper Tongs - 14 inch
Silicone prep mat Integrated Salt and Pepper Shaker Large prep knife Small prep knife  Silicone containment tube