Includes: 1 Squeeze Bottle 2 Griddle Spatulas 1 Scraper 2 Tongs
5 Piece Toolkit with Bag Includes: 2 Griddle Spatulas Tongs Squeeze Bottle Carry Bag
8-Piece Cleaning Tool Kit 8-Piece Cleaning Tool Kit
$29.00 $34.00
Includes: 1 Spatula Scraper 2 Scraper Stones 3 Orange Scrub Pads 2 Plastic Handles
Two Blackstone beverage holders Heat Resistant (to 200 degrees F) Scratch-Free Mounting to protect your griddle Fits bottles up to 30oz Cutout for mug handles...
Slip Resistant Grip Heat Resistant Material (up to 500 degrees F)
Food-grade silicone construction won't melt while on the griddle or pan Two 4-inch egg rings in a tray - perfect for making breakfast for your...
Stainless Steel Heat Resistant Handle Dishwasher Safe
Stainless Steel Construction Plastic Handle Flat bottom scoop to make spreading sauce easy
Comfortable long-reach handle Nylon brushes and stainless steel scraper To be used on a cool to warm pizza stone High temperatures will melt the nylon...

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Hand Wash Only Material: Aluminum 14" Diameter
Dishwasher Safe Heat Resistant - side shelf use only 100% silicone Dimensions: 9.25" x 12.2"