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8 Pack of Egg Rings



Blackstone Egg Rings are a surefire way to make your egg and sausage breakfast sandwiches look as though they were prepared by a real chef at a café. The Egg Ring Bundle comes with 8 egg rings: 4 circle, and 4 square. Use the egg rings as a form for sausage patties, omelets, crab cakes, pancakes, hash browns, and more! Pair your creations with a bagel, English muffin, or croissant, and your perfectly prepared breakfast sandwiches will be the talk of the town. Each silicone ring is dishwasher safe for your convenience once you’re done at the griddle.

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  • 4 Round Egg Rings (4in diameter)
  • 4 Square Egg Rings (4in diameter)
  • Use as a Form for Sausage, Eggs, Crab Cakes, Pancakes, and More
  • Shapes are Uniform in Size
  • Each Ring is Made of Silicone
  • Rings are all Dishwasher Safe