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SKU: 4122

4122 Blackstone Tequila Lime Seasoning


Blackstone Tequila Lime seasoning is the perfect seasoning for any thin cut steak or taco meat. Bring it to any cookout and let the crowd enjoy this well refined seasoning. This seasoning combines authentic tequila and lime flavors to enhance any dish. It will give anything that genuine Latin flavor you’ve been looking for. The Blackstone Tequila Lime Seasoning isn’t just for tacos and thin cut meats. This all-in-one spice is perfect for adding a little bit of kick to anything from beef and pork to chicken and fish. If you’re still looking for inspiration to get started with this flavorful seasoning, a few recipe ideas to get you started are Flank Steak Fajitas, Street Style Chicken Tacos, and Cilantro & Cotija Street Corn.
4122 Blackstone Tequila Lime Seasoning, 7.1 ounces