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5 Reasons Griddle Burgers Are Better

Who doesn’t like burgers? They’re delicious, they turn any event into a party, and are so easy to eat. Burgers come in all shapes and sizes, and are a hit across the world! Remember when you were a kid. Think of the excitement of a burger joint with your family - ordering a cheeseburger, some fries, and soda. It was delicious; a gathering worth every second. And on the Blackstone Griddle you can bring back the flavor of those memories - and make burgers better than on any charcoal grill. This flat top is the place to go for seared, juicy patties. Doubt us? Keep reading and learn a few tips and tricks!

What Is a Burger?

First things first - a burger is a sandwich. It’s two buns, a patty and then toppings with sauces. You’ve got hamburgers, cheeseburgers, double patty burgers, chicken, fish, and even veggie burgers! There are so many burgers to choose from, but what makes the burger a burger? Why that’s the patty. The patty is flat, round, and usually made of ground meat. It’s the ingredient that makes all the difference in a burger, be it seared, steamed, baked or grilled. In fact, hamburger gets its name from the hamburg steak cooked up in Germany since the 19th Century - a round beef fillet filled with onions and breadcrumbs. The patty has evolved a lot since then, and you can’t travel through the US without passing by a diner or a burger joint.

How do you cook a burger?

There are four ways to cook a burger. Check them out:
  • Searing: cooks on an evenly hot surface. Forms a caramelized crust and a juicy interior. It’s what you get on a Blackstone.
  • Steaming: cooks with heat from steam. Maintains moisture and is a healthy method. You can get it on a Blackstone too - all the details are on this smoked vs. steamed article.
  • Baking: cooks with dry heat in an oven. The heat slowly travels from the surface of the patty to the center slowly, forming a dry crust and soft middle.
  • Grilling: cooks with direct heat from the flames. The patty is placed on a wire grate and smoked by the charcoal. Inconsistent heat and risk of burns from flare-ups. But if you love smoky taste, you can get it on a griddle without any cons.

Problems cooking up burgers

Look at that patty fall through the grates…

Charcoal Grills

Most folks cook up patties on the grill. Think about a regular BBQ in a backyard. Now think about that guy that only cooks up burgers twice a year - Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. Is he gonna cook up seared patties with a crust so delicious and middle so tender that you can’t believe it? Chances are, no. And if he gets lazy with the charcoal, he’ll drench it in igniter fluid, and the patties get a weird flavor. So, that’s one problem. But what are the others? Well, the grates are an issue. Imagine you’re gonna serve a patty that’s ready to eat - BUT - it falls down the grates and burns up in the flames. Not good! Also, think about the flare-ups. Many burgers on the grill get overcooked on one side and the other can get raw. They can get dry too since all the juices drip down into the fire.


Ovens can cook delicious burgers, but they take more effort. Since ovens use dry heat and folks don’t check while cooking, they can get too dry. This can be avoided by coating the patties in a sauce, but many people don’t get the timing right. Each oven works differently and it can be hard to cook patties to perfection.

Pan Frying

Your house will stink. Think of that greasy smell throughout the whole house. It’ll take ages for the smell to go away. And also it’s messy. Oil bubbles up and can drip around the stove. The pan will sprinkle oil all over the kitchen. Or worse, imagine some of that oil hitting you?!

Reasons why you should griddle your burgers

Burgers are meant to be griddled. It’s the best way to get all the meaty taste - without the effort. Look at that blue cheeseburger cooked to perfection!

#1 Steakhouse searing

When you slab a patty on the flattop, the proteins on the surface form a crust that’s delicious. It’s the Maillard Reaction in full swing. Browned, charred, and toasty. And if you like Smashed Burgers, the griddle is your best bet for Diner-style flavor! Steakhouses use griddles because of their searing capacity. It’s the crispiness you can’t get on any ordinary grill.

#2 Locked-in juices

Griddles have no grates. That means there’s no escape for the juices and seasonings - and that’s a good thing! When you cook on a flat top, the juices from the fat sizzle in the burger. It’s juicier than anything you cook on a charcoal grill. Cook it on some seasonings, and the flavors infuse - think of a patty caramelized in paprika, onions, and black pepper! Delicious. A study by Consumer Reports comparing grilled with griddled burgers came with these results: everybody thought the griddled patties were juicier.

#3 Steaming

On a griddle, you can steam up toppings on the patty. All you need is a basting cover to melt cheese and steam veggies. It adds moisture to your burger and enhances flavor.

#4 Smoking - without the compromise

Smoked burgers have that campfire flavor. It’s musky and simply unique. Problem with smoking is the patty might dry up on the charcoal grill. But with a griddle you can get that smoky taste and still lock-in juices. All you need to do is the smoke hack! All it takes is a foil pan, wooden chips, and a torch.

#5 Consistent and predictable results

Griddles work as they are supposed to. You have the dials with 6 different temperature levels, so you know every time how much heat the patties are getting. The flat tops retain consistent heat. And that means consistent - no flare-ups, temperature drops or surprises. And you can thank the propane, which creates a film of heat beneath the steel plate. And there are no flare-ups, so your patty won’t get overcooked on one side and raw on the other. The taste is the same through the whole burger - awesome, crusty, and delicious.

Burger recipes for you to griddle up!

The griddle is where it’s at for delicious burgers! Blackstone is such a big fan that we’ve got a whole section of recipes with patties ready to cook up! And we recommend you give these burgers a shot next time you fire up the griddle:
What are your favorite tips from this article? Comment below! And if you griddle up any burgers these days, why not send us pics? Upload them on social media and use #GriddleNation and #BlackstoneGriddles

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