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Have a Lucky Year with 3 Chinese Dishes you can Prepare on the Griddle

chinese dishes served on a white table for chinese new year In China, the New Year starts with a new moon; In 2018, the year of the dog, the new moon is on 16 of February, the most important date of a 16-day festival. Chinese New Year celebrations include the hanging of decoration, gifting children with red envelopes filled with money, and watching dragons dance in the street. The celebrations also include a wish for good fortune in the year to come, with families eating lucky foods with names similar to luck and wealth, which are believed to bring this good fortune. It’s a party that not only celebrates a New Year, but the start of Spring in China. Celebrate your own Chinese New Year with Blackstone and these 3 lucky foods you can cook on your Blackstone griddle. Invite your family and friends to share in this prosperous Chinese feast!

#1 Fish - Prosperit

chinese fried fish on griddle for the chinese new year Fish in Chinese culture means prosperity. 'Fish' sounds in Chinese like 'surplus', which means to have extra - so nothing runs out this new year. You can griddle up crucian carps, Chinese mud carps, and catfish for good luck during this celebration. They bring good fortune, and if you eat two, it brings extra surplus. The way you eat the fish matters too. Chinese take great care in their family celebrations and have a deep respect for family history. The position of the fish when served brings extra luck:
  • The head must face the elders to show respect;
  • The other guests can only eat after the elders have finished;
  • And if you are sitting at the fish’s tail, you’ve gotta drink at the same time as the person opposite you. Drink up together for extra luck.
Cook up the fish with vinegar sauce on your griddle with cabbage on the side. You can taste the good fortune in every bite.

#2 Dumplings - Wealth

dumplings fried on a griddle for the chinese new year Dumplings are a traditional Chinese dish dating back nearly two thousand years! Since they have a golden color, eating dumplings during Chinese New Year is said to bring wealth and prosperity. You can make dumplings on your Blackstone surround table - mix your ingredients in a bowl and then fill your dumpling wrappers. Seal them tightly and fry on the Blackstone with vegetable oil for about 2 minutes per side until golden and crispy. Chinese dumplings are traditionally made with pork, shrimp, fish, chicken, and vegetables.

#3 Fruits - Succes

pomelo fruit tangerine griddled for the chinese new year Tangerines sound like 'success' in Chinese and are written with the same character for 'luck.' That means you’ll have the luck you need to make the new year a success! Pomelos are said to bring good fortune and prosperity. With the appearance of a grapefruit, but larger and sweeter; pomelos are typically grown in California. The USA grows more pomelos than China! Intensify the sweet, fruit flavors in this tropical citrus fruit by caramelizing the natural sugars on your Blackstone griddle. Slice them in half and griddle them in butter for a couple of minutes! Success tastes fresh, juicy and sweet - and you’ll love it! Are you planning to cook up some good fortune during the Chinese New Year celebrations? Tell us your favorite Chinese meals and share your recipes in the comments below. We wish all of our friends near and far, a Happy New Year!

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