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Father’s Day Cookout Ideas

Make the best of that special time of the year for your old man - get cooking for Father’s Day! Every dad loves eating delicious food with their family, and why not do it someplace awesome? We have six places to head out for griddled meals with dad. And for those that love it more casual, we got you covered too. So, read below our Father’s Day Cookout Ideas and have a great time!

What is Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is the time to celebrate everything dads have done for us. A time to make pops proud and thank him for making you who you are. The date was inspired by Mother’s Day and created by Sonora Dodd - she wanted to honor her dad, a civil war veteran. If you want to learn more about the history of Father’s Day, read it up here. Over 40 countries across the world celebrate the date. And in most countries, celebrations are the same: food, gratitude, and presents to make fathers proud. Most countries celebrate it on the same day as the U.S., the third Sunday of June. That’s because many nations decided to follow America’s example to honor their fathers. But in Catholic European countries, Father’s Day has existed since medieval times and is celebrated on March 19th - the day of the Saint Joseph feast. This year Father’s Day in the USA is on June 17th.

How to celebrate?

Father’s Day is in Spring. And why not take advantage of the fresh breeze, the fragrances, and all the beauty of nature this time of year? Just imagine you and your dad side by side, cooking up a delicious meal. Your dad probably cooked up just about anything when you were a kid - and it was a blast. So, this time round make your dad have the time of his life. Get the food on the griddle and have a fantastic meal. But you also need to pick the scenario - where does your dad like to chill out? Here are some ideas:


The campsite is always a getaway. You’re out in the woods or wilderness - by the mountain or on a plain. You might be camping with other people, but on the campsite it’s just you and the other campers. There’s little contact with the outside world. Most campsites have no wifi or cell phone reception. Or when they do, it’s not the most reliable. That means it’s time to unplug and have the time of your life with your dad - campfire stories, mountain trails, and observing the woods. Camping is a great activity for fathers and kids to bond: you have to cooperate to build the tent and cook up meals. From start to finish, you and your pops are together having fun. And griddles are great for camping - they take care of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Imagine waking up at the campsite and in a few minutes getting ready for pancakes? Or even some fajitas and quesadillas? Your dad couldn’t wish any better.
PRO TIP: If you love camping, the Tailgater Combo features two burners and add-ons so you can griddle, grill or even use pans and pots. From soup to griddled fish, the tailgater has it all. And the breakfast toolkit makes pancakes, bacon, and eggs easily with great flavor.


The local park is great to chill without the compromise. You can head out at the crack of dawn, find some shade by the tree, and start cooking! Most parks have BBQ areas where you fire up your griddle and have great meals. But to stay safe, always check with local regulations if it’s fine to use a propane cooking appliance. And when you’ve got the griddle heated up, it’s time for hot dogs and burgers. And why not play some sports with your old man later?
PRO TIP: The 22” Griddle is the perfect size for a park cookout. It’s got two burners and enough space for 30 hot dogs! Portable enough to fit in any car trunk, all you need is a drive, food, and loved ones for a delicious meal! And in case you need more gas, get the adapter hose and upgrade that small propane bottle to bulk!

Block Party

This one takes effort, but is totally epic - it’ll be the Father’s Day to remember! A block party is when the whole neighborhood block hits the sidewalk for a massive outdoor cookout - in the suburbs or even in large cities like New York. Imagine every father and son on the street, eating delicious meals! So, head out to your neighbors and invite them to a block party. Then take out your griddle to the sidewalk and eat some delicious meals with your father. And if your backyard is big enough, why not host the block party right on the grass? Play some music and share your meals with the crowd!
PRO TIP: The 36” Griddle is the outdoor cooking machine built for crowds! Cook up 28 burgers or even 72 hot dogs - all in a single go! That’s surely enough food for the whole block party! And with the Griddle Accessory Toolkit you can slice, dice, and serve up meals with spatulas and dicers. The toolkit also has dispensers to season dishes easily.


The beach has the smell of vacation. The freshness of the sea, the breeze, and the smell of the plants on the sandbank. It’ll make anyone chill and feel like celebrating. Now all that’s missing is the food. Think fresh. Think tuna, salmon tacos, and bang bang shrimp. Seared with that beach taste on a griddle. Delicious.
PRO TIP: The 17” Table Top Griddle is small and easy to carry. Fire it up on the sand and cook up anything in a flash. Fits up to 12 eggs and cooks up any seafood, meat, and veggies with seared taste.


Is your old man a fan of big catches? Does a weekend outside with a fishing rod and all the excitement of reeling in that pesky critter make your dad happy? Well, take him fishing this Father’s Day. And if your local regulations allow you to take the catches back home, griddle them up to perfection! If you need help with the cooking, you can check our griddle temperatures article with recommendations for seafood.
PRO TIP: Cook up your catches on the 22” Griddle for seared seafood. Crispy outside, tender and soft on the inside. This Griddle has 2 burners and enough space to fit any big fish you catch with your pops. And with the adjustable legs add-on, you can griddle up anywhere - even right on the boat!

Pool Party

Swimming in the pool and relaxing in the sun. A backyard pool is a chilled, summer hit. Just imagine you, dad, and the family in the freshwater having a great time. All you need to seal the deal is a griddle. Cook up amish onion patties, bonzai pipeline tacos, and philly cheesesteak to celebrate the date with epic taste! And don’t forget to play in the pool!
PRO TIP: For a pool party, the 36” and 28” Griddle cook up meals in bulk without the compromise. And with the Surround Table add-on (36” only) you don’t even need a table to serve your meals! People can grab a bite while it’s hot, straight off the griddle plate.

Home Cinema

Give your dad the five-star experience with a home cinema session. Just turn on the TV, get some popcorn, and kickback on the sofa for an awesome movie. Pick the genre your dad loves most (action, drama, comedy…), or watch an all-time fave of his that’s bound to bring good memories. And you can’t have cinema without the snacks. Griddle up some Greek Gyros and Jalapeno Cheese Crisps to eat while watching all the action on the big screen. PRO TIP: Serve your snacks on the Griddle Cutting Board straight off the flat top. Just put the board on your lap or a coffee table. The food stays hot, and you don’t need to worry about plates or any mess.

Gift your Dad with Cooking Gear

People give bowties. Suits. Fishing Rods. Or even a dinner at a restaurant. Those are all great gifts - any dad will love them. But, why not gift a Blackstone griddle this Father’s Day? A griddle is the most versatile cooking machine a pops could get. It’s the one-stop shop of outdoor meals - get your breakfast, lunch, and dinner fixed up in a flash with seared taste. Anywhere you go with your dad, a griddle goes too. Think the beach, campsite, or even the comfort of your backyard. And is all shapes and sizes, there’s a griddle for any dad out there. Still not convinced? We got 10 reasons why griddles are the best at outdoor cooking!
Are you going to host a cookout for Father’s Day? Comment below your plans! And please, share us photos of your cookout on social media - just post them with #BlackstoneGriddles and #GriddleNation!

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