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5 steps for a Game Day griddle party that’s a winner

It’s Big Game Sunday, the unofficial holiday for the big game! Want to host a memorable party for years to come? Then read this guide to make your Big Game a winner and may the best team come up on top! Table of salty snacks and sauces

#1 Prepare your set-up!

Many Big Game parties are a major let-down. Ever been to a party with a small TV and not enough seats? We have, and nobody likes having to stand-up and squint their eyes through the whole game. So make sure the venue is ready for a crowd. Clear out any clutter in front of the TV, clean the sofa, and grab all possible seating you’ve got in your house. Make sure everybody will be comfortable and close enough to watch all the excitement in crisp High-definition. Don’t have a big flat-screen TV? Ask a buddy if you can borrow one just for the day. Make sure that your Blackstone Griddle is clean, seasoned, and ready for the big day. Got enough oil? Got all your spatulas, dicers, and knives? Checked your propane levels? The Big Game with no food is like a prom with no dance, and we can’t have that. Guarantee for the sake of friends and family that your griddle will be toasting. If you feel that something’s missing, we’ve got you covered. All your basic needs are at Blackstone's store. Don’t forget about a big table to put all your food on. Set it behind the seats, so nobody interrupts the viewing when grabbing a snack. And you’re gonna need forks and plates. Buy plastic ones so you don’t have to worry about washing dishes later.

#2 Invite your guests!

You’ve counted the seats. You tested the home theater. You’re ready to have people over. Now’s the time to take out your contact list and make your invites! Head to social media and put it to its best use: getting people together for an awesome time! Create an event, add your friends, and then you can even ask them to help you out. Instead of coughing up all the dough alone, have your buddies bring some drink and soda along - it’s the least they can do! And hey, if someone claims to have other invitations, throw the Blackstone card - they won’t resist!

#3 It’s griddling time!

It’s almost time. You’ve got your guests confirmed and the venue set. Now it’s time to roll out your Blackstone and start cooking! Turn up the heat and cook up some Big Game classics on the griddle plate. Hot dogs, buffalo wings, burgers, and steak are always a hit. Buy some tacos and guacamole for the vegetarians, and you can even cook some garlic bread with a tasty cheese spread! And it doesn’t stop there! We recommend you try out these chili hot dogs or this Philly miracle that will get your guests salivating for more! Or how about a fresh lobster roll? In case you’re feeling the chill and want to warm-up, we’ve got the Country Western Burger to keep you cozy. No need to rush and cook early, start when the guests are arriving so the food is ready, and stomachs are full by half-time.

# 4 Half-time games!

Half-time fun for everyone, even the football haters! Who doesn’t like watching the clever commercials or the Half-Time Show? And to make things even more fun, you can host some trivia and bingo games. Make a prize draw for who can guess the most mascots of each team or has the most football knowledge. Host a football-themed bingo game and get everyone involved.

# 5 Get people back home safely

After you’ve had a heck of an afternoon, the Vince Lombardi trophy has been kissed and raised high by the winners, and the guests are psyched - it’s time to call it a day. Sure, you don’t have to chase them out of your house. All you’ve gotta do is make sure everyone gets home safe. And that means no drunk driving! So make sure people go back home with a designated driver or hail them a ride with a smartphone app. The worse way to end the Big Game is with an accident. We hope your Big Game party is the celebration of champions. Root for your team and let’s all have a great time!

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