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How to Remove Rust from Your Griddle

Oh, snap! What once was a glorious, shining beauty is now a rusty letdown. Don’t worry! Blackstone doesn’t abandon its creations - each griddle is worth it, and we believe even the rustiest of flattops can get back to life for delicious cooking! Our griddles are built to resist wear and tear. But even the mightiest of machines need a little TLC; especially if you live with your outdoor cooker by the sea or somewhere humid. But don’t worry! You can keep your griddle in perfect condition anywhere if you take care of it - trust us; it’s not that hard. All you need is a lil’ more love. And if your griddle already bit the rust, there’s still salvation: All it takes is a few tools and steps, and you’ll get that griddle up and running again!

What the heck is rust?

Why does rust even happen? Well, it happens because iron naturally rusts in the environment. Because of whacky chemistry, iron + water + oxygen exchange electrons and corrode. It’s what scientists call a thermodynamically favored state - and yep it’s got favored in there. That means iron is more stable in nature when rusty. But for us, the rust is a no-no. You can’t griddle up delicious meals on a flaky, brown surface. Keep in mind that Blackstone griddles are made of iron. And the air’s got oxygen. All you need is some water; and if you live near the beach or somewhere humid, the air already has water particles that cause rust.

How to prevent rust?

You might be thinking: everything is made of iron! How doesn’t it all get rusty? Think of all the buildings, cars, bicycles, lampposts, and even ships! Why don’t we live in a super rusty, flaky, reddish, and brown world? The answer, my friend, is protection. All these iron things have something that keeps out the water. Cars and bikes have paint. And for ships, they resort to zinc sacrificial metal - water and oxygen like it better than iron for making rust. And what about Blackstone? Well then, we use oil. A protective layer of oil keeps water and oxygen away from the iron flat top. That’s why you’ve gotta season your Griddle to prevent rust.

My Griddle got rusted, is there a fix?

Yes, there is. Rust only forms at the surface of iron - it doesn’t affect the whole metal. That means if you scrape off the top layer of your flat top, you’re good to go. Follow these steps, and your Blackstone will be blackened and shining in no time! First off, you’ll need these materials:
  • A metal scraper
  • Cooking oil
  • Paper towels
  • Grill stones
  • Heat-resistant gloves
And now follow these steps:
  1. Put on a pair of heat-resistant gloves. Turn the griddle on and keep the heat high for 20 minutes. This loosens the rust, so it gets easier to remove.
  2. Let the griddle cool down, and get your metal scraper from the Blackstone accessory toolkit. Scrape down the whole flattop, until you can’t see any more corrosion.
  3. Drip 3-4 tablespoons of oil on the whole surface and then scrub it down with a grill stone. If you can’t find a grill stone anywhere, use steel wool or medium grit wet-or-dry sandpaper. It’s hard work, but soon that griddle will be shining!
  4. Wipe the griddle clean with a cloth or paper towels.
  5. Drip another 3-4 tablespoons of oil and wipe the griddle down again.
  6. Continue dripping oil and wiping down until all signs of rust debris is gone.
  7. Season the griddle top to create a protective coating that avoids rust. Any cooking oil works, but if you can grab yourself some flax oil or extra virgin olive oil, even better. These bound more to the metal.
  8. If you need help seasoning, check out our Complete Seasoning Guide.
  9. When you’re done seasoning, drip another 3-4 tablespoons of cooking oil for an extra protective layer. This blocks contact between air and water with the griddle plate - and without that contact, you’ve got no rust!
  10. Keep your griddle stored in a cool, dry place and use a cover to protect it from humidity in the air.

How do I prevent my griddle from rusting again?

Well, you already learned the recipe for rust. It’s iron + oxygen + water. And the element that kick starts rust is the water. So, to keep your griddle in perfect condition, you need to protect it from water. And here are some tips:
  • Every time after cooking, add an extra layer of cooking oil. All it takes is 3-4 tablespoons of oil, and a quick paper towel wipe down - it’s no biggie.
  • Store your griddle somewhere dry and cool. If you live in a humid area, keep your griddle in a place that’s well-ventilated and away from bathrooms.
  • Get a heavy-duty canvas cover for your Griddle - made by Blackstone with dual-layer fabric to keep away any humidity and protect from wear and tear.
  • If you don’t use your Griddle every week, check at least once a month to make sure the griddle isn’t rusting. It’s better to remove rust at the start than when it’s covered the whole flattop.

Did our tips help you fight off that rust? Drop us a comment about how you keep your Blackstone in top condition.

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