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Veggies pack flavor too - griddle up these greens for a change

When it comes to outdoor cooking, everybody thinks of meat. The seared flavor, the sizzling of a Texas-sized steak, burgers with a crispy bite... Admit it, that’s what comes first to your mind! But meat ain’t the only contender for delicious eats in your backyard, tailgate or campsite. Veggies pack flavor and nutrition for you and the whole family. And if you’re inviting over a vegetarian, it’s essential for you to learn to griddle up those veggies with style. A true Griddle Master know how please all of their guests! So read up and learn how to griddle up some veggies - with intense locked-in flavor. You won’t miss out with these ingredients we selected. And it covers all the nutritional needs for any vegetarians out there to keep their health in check.

So, What Is Vegetarianism?

You might have guessed already, but we’re covering all bases just in case. Vegetarianism is a diet which doesn’t have any meat. That includes red meat, poultry, and seafood. There are several varieties of vegetarianism: some eat eggs and dairy, others just eggs, and some only dairy without any eggs.

Load up with Protein-Packed Foods

It’s a common saying: meat’s got the protein. Well, that’s true, but for vegetarians that love the taste of the griddle, there’s enough protein to pack a punch in strength and flavor. Fire it up with these veggies:
  • Edamame packs 18g of protein in just eight ounces! These green soybeans from Asia go great with garlic and soy sauce
  • Tofu are white cubes from Asia with 21g of protein every eight ounces. They mix great with BBQ sauce and can be served with salads, noodles, tacos, and even sandwiches
  • Corn packs 5g of protein every eight ounces and is already a BBQ staple. Corn on the cob is always a delicious meal with butter, cilantro or limes
  • Avocado has 4g of protein per fruit and cooks to perfection on the griddle with peppers and olive oil
  • Brussel Sprouts cooks well with paprika and garlic and pack 4g of protein every eight ounces
  • Cashews sizzled on the griddle with canola oil are crispy and delicious. Mix in some black pepper, and you’re in for an awesome snack that’s got 20g of protein every eight ounces.
Protein is what buffs up your muscles. If you’re looking for peak physique, then you’ve come to the right vegetarian place. The average adult needs 170g of protein a day not just to build muscle, but to keep the enzymes and hormones working under full steam.

Get Energized with Carb-Rich Veggies

Vegetarians get their carbs from a place: underground. No, we’re not talking about those bands your nephew’s into. We’re talking about tubers! Plants use these to stockpile energy during winter or the dry season, so it would make sense for tubers to be rich in carbs, the main energy source for humans. So get the vegetarians energized with these tubers on the griddle:
  • Potatoes go great any way you griddle them. You can wrap them up in tinfoil, bast them or even cut them for some homemade french fries. Try cooking them up in slices with honey, peppers, and garlic on the griddle for 32g of carbs every eight ounces.
  • Beets purple up your dish with 24g of carbs every eight ounces. Get full colors on your cooking flavor by griddling them up with rosemary and basil.
And besides tubers, these veggies also pack a lot of carbs:
  • Artichokes are thistles cooked up before they bloom into flowers. They pack 30g of carbs every 8 ounces and are delicious with olive oil.
  • Quinoa are grains that can be cooked on the griddle for a delicious high-carb snack. Eight ounces has 40g of protein, and they go well with parsley, onion, and bell peppers.
Carbohydrates are your body’s main energy source. They keep you energized through the day and are crucial for brain functions. You should eat from 225-325g per day on average.

Chowder up on Healthy Fats

People avoid fat at all costs, but they are essential for your body to work. Without fat, you wouldn’t even be reading this since it powers our eyesight! Fats also boost your brain power so you can make the best of your day in the office and solve problems like a genius. So, forget about the low-fat craze for now and cook up these fatty veggies on your griddle:
  • Pistachios blend deliciously with chipotle sauce for a neat appetizer. Comes with 56g of good fats every eight ounces.
  • Olives cooked with rosemary and black pepper make a healthy side dish - 30g of good fats every eight ounces.
  • Walnuts griddled on low heat with paprika are even better than popcorn for the whole crowd. Comes with 20g of good fats every eight ounces.
Despite all the bad talking, a minimal amount of fats is needed to keep your body running. You should eat on average 45-80g a day.
If you liked our tips, go ahead and prepare your own vegetarian meals on the griddle. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook when you upload those pics!

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