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4 serv.

15 min.


Bacon Cheese Burger with Coriander Pickled Red Onions & Smoky Mayo

Recipe by Chef Nathan Lippy


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1 ½ pounds 80/20 ground beef

8 pieces thick cut applewood smoked bacon

1 large red onion, thinly sliced

1/3 cup red wine vinegar

1 tablespoon ground coriander

¼ cup mayonnaise

¼ cup sour cream

1 tablespoon smoked paprika

1 teaspoon ground chipotle

The juice of 1 lime

1 cup shredded lettuce

4 slices cheddar cheese

4 seeded hamburger buns

Salt and pepper

Olive oil



  1. In a small mixing bowl, add the onions, red wine vinegar a little drizzle of olive oil, ground coriander and a pinch of salt and pepper. Mix evenly and set aside to marinate for later.
  2. Heat your griddle to medium heat and cook the bacon well done and crisp. Once its finished, drain on some paper towel.
  3. Form the ground beef into 4 equal patties and season both sides with salt & pepper. Cook in the bacon fate for 3-4 minutes per side or until desired doneness.
  4. In a small mixing bowl, add the mayo and sour cream with the smoked paprika, chipotle, lime juice and a pinch of salt and pepper. Mix to evenly incorporate.
  5. Slice the bacon to fit on top of the burger. Once the burgers are finished, add a few pieces of bacon and then top with a slice of cheese. Cover with a dome to melt.
  6. Lightly toast the buns and add some of the sauce to the bottom bun.
  7. Add some lettuce to the bottom bun and then the burger, add some of the pickled onions over the top and then the top bun. Serve hot.