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Chicken Parmesan Ranch Sandwich

Chicken Parmesan Ranch Sandwich

Recipe by CJ Frazier


        Pre Time: 20 mins


        Serves: 4+


3 Chicken Cutlets

Olive Oil



Blackstone Parmesan Ranch Seasoning

Shredded Mozarella


Martins Rolls Sandwich Buns


Fresh Basil


Additional Equipment:

Blackstone Egg Rings



  1. Pre heat Blackstone griddle to medium high.
  2. On a plate add 3 chicken cutlets and lightly cover with olive oil, salt, pepper and Blackstone Parmesan Ranch Seasoning on each side.
  3. On your griddle top add a light amount of olive oil and cook  for 3-4 mins each side till cooked completely. Pull off the griddle and turn your heat to low.
  4. Slice your chicken to fit into your egg rings.
  5. Place Egg Rings on Griddle and add enough shredded mozzarella to inside of egg rings (not to much, just enough for a nice bed of cheese), chicken, pepperoni and top with mozzarella to liking.
  6. Cover with a basting dome, spray water around egg rings before covering, and heat till cheese is melted.
  7. While Cheese is melting place your Martins rolls on the griddle to lightly toast.
  8. Remove dome when cheese is meted, place your rolls on a platter, slide a spatula under your egg rings and ingredients, and place on your toasted buns. Add a desired amount of marinara and freshly sliced basil.
  9. Top with your bun crown and enjoy!

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