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Desserts for You to Griddle Up

Everybody loves desserts. It’s what keeps kids at the table after eating those veggies they hate - but they need the vitamins. And it makes every guest open up more space in their stomachs just for a bite from that sweet chocolate pancake. Imagine a cookout with all the flavor from steaks, burgers, hot dogs or even seafood. Now you get to wrap it all up with a cherry on top! You bring in the last course - the griddled dish for your sweet tooth. So, learn below how to make the dishes you already love - pancakes, tacos, crepes, sandwiches, and even pizza - into delicious griddled desserts!

Griddles Cook up Sweet, Savory, and More!

When it comes to BBQ what comes first to mind? Burgers, steaks, corn on the cob? Those are great dishes that make any outdoor cookout a success. But the versatility of a griddle goes beyond the savory. This flat surface with heat distribution can also cook up desserts. From the crispy crust on a burger to caramelized banana foster. Don’t hesitate - Take your griddle down candy lane.

Griddle Desserts You Should Cook Up!

A dessert on the griddle brings in the heat. That doesn’t mean you can’t mix in some freshness and chill to your dishes - Caramelized Pineapple with Ice Cream? Yes, please! And you can caramelize fruits with chocolate - or even marshmallows. Feels just like a campsite dessert. Be creative, and get some sweetness on the flat top. Here are our griddle dessert ideas: Pancakes Crepes Tacos Sweet Tapiocas Sweet Sandwiches Sweet Pizzas Griddled Fruit Cookies Ice-Cream Griddle Treats


This breakfast dish can go all ways for desserts. Spread some fruits on top for a caramelized treat or mix chocolate powder into the batter. From cocoa to blueberry to cinnamon. Any dessert pancake is delicious. Here’s how you can make those hotcakes the stuff of dreams:

Chocolate Pancakes

Chocolate is a miracle. Cocoa is a delicacy brought from the Aztecs that turned into the sweet treat we know today thanks to sugar and milk. Lots of folks say you can’t have desserts without it - so why not make it griddle style? A hit with all the chocoholics out there. All you need to do is add chocolate powder to your regular pancake mix. It’s just like making a regular pancake - flour, baking powder, milk, egg, butter, oil, salt, and sugar - but with all that chocolate flavor!

S'mores Pancakes

Get that campfire flavor with pancakes packed with marshmallows, chocolate chips, and graham crackers. Serving up these after a lunch will remind everyone of their childhoods out by the fire at the campsite. To make this delicacy just add mini-marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate chips to your regular pancake mix.

Lemon Blueberry Pancakes

Fruity pancakes with a zest of lemon and packed in blueberries. It feels refreshing and goes great with maple syrup or honey. Learn how to make this fluffy meal in our lemon blueberry pancake recipe.

Red Velvet Pancakes

Hit the griddle with that southern taste with these bright-red beauties. Tasty pancakes with cocoa powder and cream cheese. Learn how to griddle it up with our red velvet pancake recipe.

Banana Pancakes

For those that want to stay in shape this summer, cook up some flourless banana pancakes. Smash a banana with a fork and mix it with an egg in a bowl. Then, simply griddle it up!


This thin pastry from France is made for savory and sweet. It’s crispy and light touch blend well with fruits, honey, and chocolate for a delicious treat. Learn how to make them on the griddle with our crepe recipe. And below are the best sweet fillings:

Vanilla & Cinnamon Crepes

Slightly spicy, woody, and sweet pancakes ...great after a slice of steak or a round of patties. Make these with our crepe recipe - just add in sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon to the batter mix. Then you can fill these up with a fruit of your choice - how about peaches or bananas? Top off later with some honey for extra sweetness.

Chocolate-Hazelnut Crepes

Chocolate in a thin crust loaded with your fave ingredients. Imagine all that chocolate and hazelnut taste with fruits, honey or even ice cream! Follow our crepe recipe and add in cocoa powder and sugar in the mix. Then it’s time to fill it up. Use a chocolate-hazelnut spread and then add your favorite fruit - raspberries, bananas, blueberries or even strawberries.

Peanut Butter & Banana Crepes

It’s got peanut butter and bananas drizzled with cinnamon. That should be enough to get you in the mood of griddling these crepes! Check it out at this peanut butter & banana crepes recipe.


Bring in the sweetness with this Mexican classic. Forget spicy for now and griddle up tacos rich in chocolate, cream, fruits, and ice cream. Simply griddle up your tortillas and fill them up with sweet ingredients. Here are our faves:

Chocolate & Peanut Tacos

Cook up your taco shell and then use a chocolate-hazelnut spread. Chop up some peanuts and sprinkle them out along with some chocolate chips. Then, seal the deal with some vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.

Summer Fruit Tacos

Get in the summer mood with tacos so fresh like a breeze on the beach. Turn on the griddle and fill them up with whipped cream, strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, and banana.

Sweet Tapiocas

Tapiocas are cassava crepe-style dishes from South America. Great to get in the tropical mood! You can fill them up with almost any ingredient - from chocolate to coconut to even cream cheese.

How to Make Tapiocas

Grab a bowl and put in 1 cup of tapioca starch/flour. Then, slowly pour ½ cup of water while you stir with your fingers - aim for a tsp. of water each time. Break down any big clumps into small ones. Let the mix sit for 5 minutes, then pass it through a sieve to another bowl. Use a spoon to help it pass through. Now, oil and heat up the griddle. Now, it’s time to cook up the tapioca! Be quick - this dish cooks up quick and needs care. Start by sprinkling the mix evenly on the flat top in a circle. Let it cook for 30 seconds, then turn it around with a spatula. Cook for another 30 seconds and you’re done!

Tapioca Fillings

Tapiocas can be filled with anything you like. If you want the ingredients to heat up, throw them on top of the tapioca as soon as it hits the griddle! Here are some ideas:
  • Chocolate with peanuts
  • Chocolate sprinkles with chocolate-hazelnut spread
  • Banana, cinnamon, and honey
  • Coconut with cream cheese
  • Ice cream of your choice

Sweet Sandwiches

Fan of toast? Well, on the griddle you get that crust on your slice of bread to make the best of sandwiches. And while sandwiches are always great, make them sweet on the fly with these fillings:

Choco, Marshmallow, and Banana Sandwiches

Chocolate spread with melted marshmallows and griddled banana - all smashed together with two toasted bread slices. It tastes like a campfire treat and is easy to cook. Learn this treat in our dessert sandwich recipe.

PB&J Griddled Sandwich

This classic sandwich is a treat anyone loves. Think about how many PB&Js you ate back as a kid in school. And it gets even better griddled up - all you need to do is prep it as normal and toast those slices. If you want more sweetness, why not add vanilla ice cream with maple syrup?

Fall Harvest French Toast Great for breakfast - awesome for dessert. Get that bread covered in nutmeg, pumpkin, and whipped cream. Learn how to cook this treat in our Fall Harvest French Toast recipe.

Stuffed French Toast

Go all the way French on the griddle with these cream cheese and strawberry-packed sandwiches. Délicieux! Check out our Stuffed French Toast recipe and get that griddle sweet n’ hot!

Sweet Pizzas

Make the Italian classic all brand-new with sweet toppings. You might be thinking how the heck pizza can be good with chocolate or worse - fruit. But have trust and believe in the power of pizza. Anything cooked up on this circular flatbread is awesome!

Chocolate Pizza

Prep up this pizza dough recipe and put a chocolate-hazelnut spread on it. Then, sprinkle some chocolate chips and peanuts on top. At the end of the cooking, use the basting cover to melt the ingredients for a delicious treat!

S'mores Pizza

This delicious treat brings out that campfire taste too. Make it by adding graham crackers and vanilla to regular pizza dough. Then, dice up chocolate bars and spread them over the whole surface. Finish the topping with graham cracker crumbs and mini marshmallows. Don’t forget to use the basting cover at the end to melt those ingredients!

Griddled Fruit

When you griddle up fruit, its surface gets caramelized. That means a crispy crust with a fresh core. You bring in the bite to the fruit without losing all the taste that makes bananas, pineapples, and peaches unique. So, cut your fruit into wedges and griddle it up. Try the caramelized grilled pineapple recipe or pineapple with ice cream - these fruits are great to soothe digestion after a big meal! And imagine griddled banana or peaches? Top them off with vanilla ice cream, peanuts, and honey for a delicious meal!


Cookies are great oven-baked dishes. But they are even better on the griddle with a seared crust to die for! Unleash that cookie beast in you and start cookin’!

Chocolate Chip Mega Cookie

Cook up this 10-inch cookie and cut it into slices for the crowd! It’s like a combination of two awesome dishes: shape and size of a pizza with the flavor and crunch of cookies. So, get a bowl and mix 6 tbsps butter, ⅔ cup granulated sugar, 1 egg, and a tsp. of vanilla extract. Stir, then add in 1 cup of flour, ½ tsp. of baking soda, and ½ tsp. of salt. Now, mold that batter into a 10-inch cookie and throw it on the griddle. Cook until golden brown, which takes about 20 minutes.

Raisin n' Nut Cookies

Serve up 4 dozen of cookies packed with raisins, macadamia nuts, and nutmeg for the crowd. Fruity and sweet! In a bowl, mix 3 ½ cups flour, 1 cup sugar, 1 ½ tsp. baking soda, 1 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. nutmeg, ½ cup milk, 1 egg,1 ¼ cups raisins, and 1 cup macadamia nuts. Stir until smooth and moist. Then, roll the dough out onto a non-stick tray and cut out 2-inch cookies (use a cutter). Now, oil up the griddle and heat it up! Cook up your cookies until the bottom gets browned - then turn them over till the other side looks the same. Enjoy!

Ice-Cream Griddle Treats

July is National Ice Cream Month! The best time of the year to chill out from the heat with this frozen dessert. Many families across the US have made a living out of ice cream for ages. Every community has a local creamery or a truck. So, why not grab some of their ice cream and mix it up with a griddle treat? You help out families and get a delicious local treat in return! Any of the desserts we mentioned above go great with ice cream! Imagine a scoop of chocolate with summer fruit tacos? Or even add vanilla ice cream to s’mores pancakes! Griddled up dishes and ice cream go hand in hand. You can’t go wrong with pancakes, tacos, and crepes chilled with your favorite ice cream flavors.

Bananas Foster Bananas cooked up in brandy with cinnamon. And it gets even better because it isn’t just griddled up - it’s flambé! You flame up those bananas to intensify the flavor of the brandy. The cooking itself is a show! And you get to honor National Ice Cream month with some scoops of vanilla ice cream on top. Learn how to cook it up in our bananas foster recipe.
PRO TIP: Stay safe! Flambé food is delicious, but always follow our precautions in our griddle safety guide. Don’t play with fire!

Do you have any other desserts you love on the griddle? Comment below your recipe! And send us photos of you cooking up sweet treats with your loved ones! Post them on social media with #BlackstoneGriddle and #GriddleNation.

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