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Essential Meat Cuts

For centuries, mankind has mastered the art of butchering to bring the best cuts of meat to our griddles. Blackstone searched high and low for the best chef’s secrets and cooked up dishes to showcase the 5 essential meat cuts that work best on the griddle. Not only are these cuts delicious, they’re affordable, so you can enjoy a meal rich in protein and flavor without breaking the bank. Check the 5 essential meat cuts and get your griddle fired up and toasting!

Blackstone’s Meat Shopping Checklist

Before we reveal our 5 essential meat cuts, it’s important for you to know how to shop for meat. Learn what makes meat tasty, and you’ll never eat another dried-up cut of beef again. Prepare yourself for your next trip to the butcher with these questions below. We guarantee you’ll notice the difference next time you hit the griddle.
  • Does the meat cut have marbling (fat)?
  • Is the meat firm, dry, and young?
  • Is the color deep and red?
  • Is the meat cut smooth on the sides?
  • Are there no juices in the packaging?
  • Is the meat cut evenly thick (without any lumps)?
  • Are you buying early, so you can store the meat in your fridge for 2-3 days and make it more tender?

Blackstone’s Essential Meat Cuts

Blackstone has been griddlin’ for years. Families have tried out everything on their Blackstone griddles from breakfast items and traditional meat cuts all the way to fajitas and pizza! With virtually limitless options, we’ve had to narrow it down to just five, which we’ve selected based on their unique flavor, accessibility and price point.

#1 Ribeye Steak

Ribeye Steak is a tender cut straight from the upper rib cage of the cow. It’s well-marbled, stocked in fat and rich in taste. This muscle is barely worked during the animal’s lifespan, and it shows when sizzling up on the griddle - smooth, buttery and loaded with flavor. Ribeye steaks can be pricey, but they are totally worth it. This cut is tender and juicy so all you need is a bit of salt and pepper. Garlic and fresh herbs go a long way with these meat treats too. Head to the butcher’s and look out for the marbling. The more, the tastier and tender your meal will be. Steaks are sold by weight so remember that when buying a bone-in cut... then again, chewing on beef bones is pretty amazing... if you're into that.

#2 Top Sirloin

Top sirloin comes from the section just above the rump (or round) on a cow. This well-worked muscle can easily get tough when cooked incorrectly, but prepared with the right amount of heat and correct seasonings, a top sirloin can be even tastier than the most expensive prime meat cuts. This economic dish is worth its buck in versatility and flavor. Its low-fat content makes it a top choice for those following a low-fat diet. When buying a sirloin steak, look for even marbling.

#3 Flank Steak

A beefy cut set just below the belly of the cow, the flank has a rich beef flavor and is excellent for uses in stir-fry or fajitas. The heavy grain can be on the tougher side, but if seasoned or marinated just right, the flank steak can provide a delicious, pull-apart tender meal your family is sure to love. Once your flank is cooked, be sure to cut against the grain of the meat for a more tender serving. Look for a lean cut with uniform color when you go to the butcher’s counter.

#4 Turkey Breast

This Thanksgiving staple is a classic for all the good reasons. Moist, tender and low in fat, this meat cut is rich where it counts in iron, protein, and zinc. Not just for your holiday table, turkey breast can be a great substitute for chicken and makes a great alternative all year round. When you head to the butcher, it’s important to consider how you’ll use it. Fresh turkey has more flavor but isn’t always available and frozen turkey is an option. If you decide to use a frozen turkey, brined turkey is cheaper, but the texture of the meat can be more spongy. Natural turkeys have more flavor for only a few more dollars. For a unique dining experience, you can cook a Heritage Turkey, descendants of the original birds from our homeland.

#5 Chicken Legs

Chicken Legs are savory, easy to cook, and cheap. You can buy a large pack of chicken legs anywhere for only a few dollars and easily cook them on the griddle. Kids love holding these crispy treats by the bone. Serve these well-seasoned to make any game day or backyard party a blast. Hey, bet you didn’t know they are also rich in vitamin B. The key to buying good chicken is color. Look out for creamy-white and avoid chicken that’s gray or pasty. Fresh chicken should smell like nothing at all.

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