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With the turn of the new decade, we are releasing griddles to keep up with your new culinary resolutions. The newest product to the Blackstone griddle line-up is the Airfryer Combo, which is being released through Walmart in the southern states starting this January and can be found it the contiguous United States in late February.

What is an air fryer?

Air frying technology allows cooks to mimic the taste and texture of deep-fried foods without the large amount of oil required to deep fry. The system works through convection; hot air rapidly circulates around food to cook it, similar to the way hot oil would cook food in a deep fryer. Using air to cook rather than oil offers a cleaner alternative to traditional frying, while still giving the crisp texture of your favorite fried foods.

Blackstone has harnessed this concept and paired it with our best-selling 36” griddle cooking station to give consumers the best of both worlds. Below the traditional griddle top are two air fryer drawers powered by an independent propane burner, with an additional warming drawer. As an added convenience, the fryer drawers are dishwasher safe for easy clean-up.

Why would you want an Airfryer with your griddle?

The Blackstone Airfryer Combo promises to be the next crowd-pleaser for your back patio. It offers the full features of previous 36” griddles plus the added benefit of being able to cook your favorite sides at the same time from the same unit. Leave having to run inside to check on your fried sides in the past; this griddle can do it all and do it faster.

First, it gives you the ability to cook a new array of foods you would want with the perfect backyard party. Use the griddle to cook burgers, hotdogs, toast buns, and anything else you’d traditionally cook on your griddle. At the same time, you can cook your fries, onion rings, or jalapeño poppers in the Airfryer without all the grease from traditional deep frying.

Second, the Airfryer can keep up with the demands of a hungry crowd. With two fryer baskets that are larger than the single baskets in your traditional electric air fryers, the Blackstone Airfryer Combo can manage larger loads--and do it with more power. Blackstone’s Airfryer is powered by 13,000 BTU’s of propane--more than double the output of most home air fryers on the market.

What features does the Blackstone Airfryer Combo offer?

Like all previous griddles, the Blackstone Airfryer Combo uses propane as fuel. This is true for both the griddle top and Airfryer below. However, unique to this griddle is the need for electricity to power the fan. With the fan, hot air is able to circulate to cook your food quickly and thoroughly; the Airfryer’s electric fan draws about 125 watts and can be powered by a standard 120 VAC outlet. While this makes the griddle ideal for home use, it can be hooked up to a generator if you will be cooking somewhere without electricity.

The 36” griddle top still touts your favorite four independently controlled heat zones for precise cooking (with a fifth burner for the Airfryer below), sturdy steel griddle surface, and our patented rear grease management system. As an upgrade from previous griddle models, the Airfryer combo has independent igniter wires for each burner tube, ensuring easy ignition for whichever burner you want every time. For your convenience, the Airfryer also offers features such as side shelf tool hangers and a magnetic bar to easily manage cooking tools, a hood over the griddle top, and shelves that fold down for easy storage.

What can I cook?

Unlock new possibilities as to what you can cook with the Airfryer Combo. Backyard griddle chefs of all levels can enjoy the possibilities that the Airfryer offers. You can start by powering through sides as easy as frozen onion rings and fries, then move on from there. Our brand chefs are already creating amazing recipes for the Airfryer, which can be found at our website under the Recipes tab.

Part of the spirit of Blackstone is centered around creating what you want your way. The Airfryer Combo offers more ways to branch out your cooking expertise and try something new. Whether it be steak, churros, baked potatoes, or cobbler, we offer the tools you need to start your next culinary adventure.

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