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Gas Griddling vs Electrics Griddling - which is better?

Gas or electric? Which provides the best flavor and cooking at the best price? We compared gas and electric griddles to show you the difference and help you find the best griddle for your buck. View our head to head comparisons and see how these cookers compete in heat, cooking and price. Time to put them to the test!

But first, what is a Griddle?

Bet you’ve seen a grill already - it’s charcoal fire with a grate. But what the heck is a griddle? Well, if you’ve been wondering all this time, we’ve got it explained nice n’ easy: it’s a flat metal plate with burners beneath. And do you know the perks of a flat metal plate? For starters, it cooks with more flavor: the juices get locked-in instead of dripping down; Second, you’ve got perfect heat control with independent burners. Same temperature on every spot of the plate and no undercooked meals. And you can cook with high and low heat at the same time. Sizzling steak with slow-cooked potatoes! Corn on the cob and octopus - talk about variety!

The heat

Gas Griddles

If it’s perfect heat control you’re looking for, nothing beats the good ol’ propane tank. Providing a steady flow of gently distributed propane heat, your griddle plate heats fast and throughout without hot/cold spots or the worry of uneven cooking temperatures. H-formation burners reach temperatures of up to 60 thousand BTUs on the 36” griddle. Think of your favorite meat cut - it’ll cook to perfection on the Blackstone; all thanks to burners adjusted to distribute heat evenly and a griddle plate that locks the warmth in. Say goodbye to undercooked meals!
Pro tip: Cook at low and high heat at the same time! Blackstone’s gas griddles have independent burners that you can control precisely, while electric griddles have a single heat source. Cook up burgers in a flash and slow cook corn on the cob - talk about variety!

Electric griddles

Similar to an electric water heater, an electric griddle takes time to heat up. Using a resistor, most times in the form of a glowing red rod, the mechanism produces between 4-5 KW of dry, unfiltered heat. Once it finally come to temperature, this heat is concentrated on the griddle plate directly above the heat source, creating uneven cooking surfaces with pockets that are screaming hot and others that are barely warm. Most models will scorch up to 20 thousand BTUs.

The food

Gas Griddles

The expanded cooking surface on a Blackstone grill can fit up to 28 burgers at once! Imagine that, you at the griddle cooking up a meal for your friends and family at once. No waiting around, no eating in phases. Everyone is fed at once. That’s what a Blackstone delivers. We don’t need to state it again - gas griddles cook evenly and the spacious surface of a Blackstone can prepare a lot at once while locking in juices. With no grates for the juices to run through,. It all soaks into the meat and veggies making them more savory and succulent.
Pro tip: Cook up breakfast, lunch, and dinner on your griddle. Pancakes, quesadillas, hash browns, bacon, flank steak, chicken, turkey, potatoes, peas, cheese… Gas griddles have the bulk to cook it all. Any meal for any time of the day, griddled to perfection. Electric griddles though are made for small meals. Pancakes, sausages or bacon. Usually, 6 ingredients max at a time. Any more and the appliance won’t handle it.

Electric Griddles

Fits on a table. Most electric griddles don’t get any bigger than your countertop. That’s because resistors that big would skyrocket your electricity bills (and probably burst into flames). Electric griddles make small meals. Don’t expect more than 4 pancakes and a couple of eggs on the side. If you’re cooking for a large crowd, you’ll need several rounds before everyone is served.


Gas Griddles

The price point of a Gas Griddle might be higher than an Electric Griddle. But if you’re new to the griddle world and don’t wanna spend a lot or don’t feel you need an extra large griddle, you can grab a 17” tabletop for less than one-hundred bucks. Think about the performance: the 17” tabletop can fit up to 32 sausages! And the 36” griddle fits 28 full-size, delicious burgers. When you find an electrical model that can cook all that at the same time, give us a call! Most gas griddles run on propane tanks - and they last a long time. Buy a propane tank, and it’ll last the whole summer. And you can refill it easily at any gas refill & exchange center. Don’t forget that Blackstone griddles can last a lifetime! Your kids and even grandchildren will cook up tasty food if you take good care of it. They’ve got cold-rolled steel strength built to stand strong against dents and scratches.
Pro tip: You can’t hurt a griddle with cooking utensils! Griddles get seasoned everytime you cook with oil. This creates a jet-black finish that resists wear and tear. Cut up meat right on the griddle plate - no need to worry. Electric griddles though can’t take a beating. One cut and the teflon coating is done for. That means you have to buy special silicon gear, and that’s gonna cost ya.

Electric Griddles

Cheaper upfront. You can ship an electric griddle to your home for 30 bucks. But those are the budget models, which can unevenly cook and don’t resist wear and tear. One little slip and you’re done for - it can crack up and be unusable. And if you’ve got kids, good luck! And don’t forget about the electricity bill. If you live in a state with expensive rates (Heads-up, Alaskans) - you’ll be paying the price each time you griddle up for the family. Remember that you need to preheat too, and that’s gonna cost ya!
  What do you think? Which appliance is the best for cooking anytime, anything, anywhere? Tell us the cooker that came up on top, and don’t hesitate to ask us any questions!

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