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The Best Griddle Gifts for Father's Day

Father’s Day is coming up and what better way to celebrate than gathering the family, and cooking up a delicious meal? And we think it’s essential for every dad to get the cooking experience they’ll savor. Cooking with your kids is gratifying and makes family get even closer. This year, Father’s Day is held on June 17, and we want you to gift your dad with something awesome, something he’ll be able to enjoy for many, many years. Come on - he deserves it!

What is Father’s Day?

Father’s Day is a date to celebrate the achievements and sacrifices of all fathers out there. It’s for the dads that go the extra mile raising their kids and making their dreams come true. It was founded in the U.S. by Sonora Dodd in Spokane, Washington back in 1910. Her father was a Civil War veteran, and she wanted to honor him with a celebration as worthy as Mother’s Day. The idea came to Sonora when hearing a sermon at church about Mother’s Day. She asked her pastor to have a day for celebrating fathers too, and he agreed. That’s how Father’s Day was born and ever since it’s held on the third Sunday of June.

Father’s Day Around the World

In Europe, many nations have celebrated Father’s Day since the Middle Ages. The date is different though - March 19 - day of the Saint Joseph feast for Catholic communities. Saint Joseph is the father of Jesus Christ, and an important father figure in countries like Italy, Portugal, and Spain. Religious tradition is also important for Germans, and that’s why Father’s Day there is on Ascension Day, 40 days after Easter. Father’s Day traditions are held in over 40 countries around the world, and even if the dates are different, the celebrations are similar: honoring fathers with gratitude, presents, and a delicious family meal.

Cool, but what can I gift my Father with?

Get him something from Blackstone! Blackstone griddles are where it’s at for dads that love outdoor cooking! For the dads that love to cook up a delicious meal for the kids, cook up a round of burgers, and celebrate good times with good food. And we know each dad is different. Every pops has their style, way of living, and favorite foods. So, we have done our best to identify the dads out there and came up with three that love outdoor cooking. Which one is your dad?

Adventure Dad

This dad is always ready for the next outdoor crusade! He took you fishing, camping, and always had the best stories to tell. Be it the tailgate, the campsite or a stretch of wilderness off the map; this dude knows how to live in nature. This is the dad that loves to cook up something delicious by the campfire, chat, and have new experiences! A 22” Table Top Griddle is the perfect choice for this dad to hit the campsite and griddle up some hot dogs. And if he loves sports venue cooking, the Tailgater Combo is the versatile cooker he needs - heats up dutch ovens all the way to flat top searing. And every adventure needs accessories for a helping hand. The griddle toolkit has all the essentials you need on the road: 2 spatulas, 2 dispensers, and a dicer. A canvas cover is what every dad needs in the outdoors to protect their gear from wear and tear.

Chill Dad

The dad that likes to live nice and easy. He knows what’s important - great food, great drinks, and drinking a beer on Sundays for the game. This is the dad that has a great time with the kids and creates awesome memories - without too much effort. So, the 17” Table Top Griddle is the most chill option by Blackstone. It heats up in a flash, easy cleanup, and with enough space to cook up some corn on the cob. Can’t get easier than that. And the first meal of the day is this dad’s fave. Starting on the right foot is what this chill dad always does. And with the breakfast kit, he can cook up eggs, bacon, and pancakes for the whole family - and without the stress. Oh, and every chill guy needs style. A Black and Grey Mesh Hat protects this dad from the sun and is all the gear this guy needs to rock it out on the flat top.

Gourmet Dad

This dad has it on point. The dad that buys the finest cuts from the butcher. The guy that knows to flambée, sauté, and steam any dish on the griddle into a delicacy. He was the one who taught you how to cook when you were a kid. Every cookout with this dad is like a 5-star restaurant experience but with that family comfort. When it comes to cooking full course dinners, appetizers, and even delicate seafood, this dad needs space. And the 36” Griddle delivers enough space for 16 prime steaks. It’s got independent heat zones too, so he can save time searing meat and slow-cooking veggies simultaneously! And you can’t be gourmet without accessories. The 12” basting cover lets this dad melt gorgonzola on a patty, and a Surround Table add-on brings space for all his ingredients and tools.
No matter what dad you’ve got, a griddle is the gift of a lifetime. It’s built to last for generations if you give it the right care. And if he cared for you, caring for a Blackstone is surely way easier. Gift your dad now with a Blackstone with free shipping in the contiguous US. We at the company wish your pop a happy Father’s Day!

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