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Best Griddle Tools and Accessories

The weather is heating up, which means that the outdoor cooking season is right around the corner, with pool parties and friends around the Griddle. But hey, how are your griddling skills? We’re sure that you’re a master when it comes to making delicious steaks and hash browns, but how about taking the frontline of the griddle brigade with accessories that can make any party a complete success? Our accessories are made to bring out the best of our machines, and any addition to your griddle arsenal will improve your cooking results! So, without further ado, here’s the rundown in three categories: Cook it up, Add it on, and Protection!

Cook it up!

Don’t just make meals - serve them like an outdoor cooking champion! All the tools you need to bring out the best taste in every meal.

Breakfast Kit

What smells like Breakfast? Bacon? Eggs? Pancakes? All those ingredients sizzling on the griddle with locked-in flavor? Well that’s our idea of a breakfast of champions - and there are even more breakfast recipes out there for any type of champ. And if you want to make the most of your day, make a breakfast with the right accessories - and that’s what you get with the Blackstone Breakfast Kit. First off, think about the bacon. Bacon is scrumptious, fatty, sweet, and goes great with everything. Add bacon to a regular slice of bread, and it’s a miracle! But if you want to make bacon better, all you need is our Bacon Press from the kit. It’s pre-seasoned and presses down all the flavor into flat, crispy strips you’ll love. And it works wonders pressing down bread for paninis - or even burgers for a smashing lunch! Second, cook up some eggs. And who doesn’t like a picture-perfect egg that’s rounder than the moon? With the yolk fully centered? Yep, it’s awesome, and we want you to eat perfect eggs too. Third, it’s the batter dispenser. Batter it up with this tool which is simply press and release. Your batter will become a pancake, cupcake or even muffin without the effort. No more mess, and more time eating delicious breakfast!

Accessory Toolkit

Any master has an arsenal. And if you want to be a master of outdoor cooking, you need this toolkit. It’s got the ESSENTIALS. And when we’re talking essentials, it’s what any griddle cook needs. First, it’s got two commercial-grade dispensers. And that commercial-grade isn’t there for show - use these bottles for oil, water or seasonings and pack the same as the top restaurants and venues in the USA! You’ll keep your food moist and tasty with these handy dispensers. Second up are the spatulas. Use these stainless steel wonders to flip, chop, and serve up your meals. The metal is thin and sturdy, easy to use, and fits snugly in your hand. Third, comes the dicers. These dice up any meat into small delicious bites. Throw down that pulled pork on the griddle and get it all cut up. Or dice up your peppers. Or even some hash browns. The choice is yours and the dicer will deliver. And the dicers help out at the end with the cleaning too - scrape down that griddle and remove any stuck crust! So, get yourself this ULTIMATE Griddle Toolkit and you can finally cover all the essential bases of outdoor cooking on the griddle.

Cutting Board

How about headin’ out to Hawaii? The faraway American lands in the Pacific - 8 islands of sunny delight with tropical wildlife and Polynesian music. Sounds great, right? Well, why not bring a piece of Hawaii home with our Griddle Cutting Board. Made of wood from the native Koa trees of the archipelago, which natives from Hawaii have been surfing on for centuries and riding as canoes. Koa wood is lightweight, resistant to water and takes a punch. If it can take on the waves of the Hawaiian coast it can tackle any challenge on the Griddle! It’s got 11.5 x 12” of surface with a height of 2”. Set it on the griddle and cut up your delicious meals with a piece from Hawaii.

Basting Cover

Know what basting is? It’s cooking food in its own juices to intensify the flavor. Imagine those burgers sizzling up in their own gravy - and with melted cheese on top! Well, with our basting cover you can make that a reality! It’s 12” of stainless steel to steam, bast, and even smoke your meals! Bring out the juices in your griddled dishes with that seared steakhouse crust. And it’s got a heat-resistant handle so you can cover up meals without the worries - no burns! And the cover fits so snugly on the flat top you won’t get any grease splatter. The 12” Round Basting Cover is the way to go for bastin’, steamin’, and smokin’ eats!

Add it on!

Upgrade your outdoor cooking machine with these add-ons. And we bundled some accessories that will add to the satisfaction of preppin’ up meals.

Surround Table

How about getting more space on the griddle? Feel like you need more surface area for all your tools, plates, and ingredients? Hook up the 36’’ Griddle Surround Table Add-on and now you’ve got a whole countertop at your disposal. Feel like a TV chef with a master-class kitchen, but in your backyard, tailgate or campsite! Imagine that - 1227 sq. inches of extra area for all your griddling needs.

Grill Box

Is it a flat top? Yes, it is. It’s a griddle with a flat surface that cooks up delicious meals. But what if you miss those grill marks on your food? Got some nostalgia for that grill your folks used in the backyard? Well, with the grill box you can turn your griddle into a fully operational grill. All it takes is an add-on! Same surface as the regular griddle with non-stick properties and a windscreen to boot. Just imagine grilling up some fish or burgers on a classic grill grate! And it works on the 28” griddle and the 36” griddle, so that you can deck out a grill on your griddle on the fly.

Bulk Tank Adapter Hose

Are you in need of more propane? Figure your portable cooker with a little bottle just won’t seal the deal? Well, get all the propane you would ever need for a campsite or tailgate outing with this 3 foot adaptor hose. Take out the 1 pound bottle and bring in the BULK. And all it takes is some easy twisting, and you’re ready for outdoor cooking without the COMPROMISE of running out of gas. Best for the 17” Tabletop Griddle and the 22” Tabletop Griddles.


Say goodbye to dents, bruises, and pain in the neck with the right protection. A lot of folks that have outdoor cooking machines let them get ruined - but with us that’s a no! Get some protection for your griddle with these fine accessories!


You cherish your Griddle and wish to use it for many, many years - maybe even pass it on to your kids one day! Our Griddles were created to be resistant, but the key for it to last for a very long time is protection! That’s right, besides protecting it from the rust, and seasoning it regularly, you can also use our Griddle Covers! They make sure that your product is safe from humidity, dust, and scratches. Check them out: And if you want to keep the flat top extra safe, we got hard covers with a black powder coat finish - avoids rust and scratches:

Carry Bags

Heading out with your griddle outdoors to the tailgate, campsite, wilderness or wherever? Get yourself a carry bag. The carry bag protects your griddle from the elements and from all the chaos an outing can bring. Imagine if your car stumbles on a pothole? With the carry bag, it’ll be safe and sound instead of banging against the car walls. Made of heavy-duty canvas, commercial-grade zippers, and a handle to carry off your griddle anywhere easily. So, go ahead and check them out:
So, learned all the tools you need to griddle it up like a pro? Drop a comment about your favorite gizmo for outdoor cooking! And send us photos! We’d love to see pics of you putting the accessories to practice - post them on social media with #BlackstoneGriddles and #GriddleNation

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