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Valentine’s Day: 5 reasons why a date griddling at home is more romantic

Ah, it’s Valentine’s Day. The time of year dedicated to your special one. And sure, an extravagant dinner at a restaurant would be fancy, but why not celebrate with your honey in home, sweet home? We’ll tell you five reasons why staying at home this Valentine’s and using your Blackstone Griddle can set the perfect romantic mood.

#1 You’ll save money

Chances are you spent a lot on Christmas. Maybe you haven’t had time to recover from the big spending on presents under the tree and all that eggnog. So instead of making a reservation beside the window in a luxury restaurant, buying a bouquet bursting at the seams, or even a getaway that’ll break the bank - stay at home and keep things cheap. Your bank account will thank you. Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Simply set a romantic ambiance with things you already have at home: Got candles? Music? A Blackstone Griddle? A romantic movie? You’re already halfway there to a perfect night for two.

#2 You can pay full attention to your partner

When you go out for Valentine’s, you worry about a lot of stuff: What will you wear? Will the food be good? Is there gonna be space in the parking lot? How much will a car ride cost? Have a night with no worries and relax back home. Have kids that might disturb? Send them off to your relatives; and if they are teens, give them some money to have a night out with friends (it’ll still be cheaper than a fancy dinner). Then when it’s just you two in the comfort of home, you can have some real privacy. You can talk without the babble in the background, look into each other’s eyes, and spend quality time just among yourselves. You’ll worry less about the date and more about what really counts: your special one. Life keeps people apart. You’ve got work, obligations, and family issues that take a toll on your time. But today you’ve got a whole day just for your Valentine. Make it count.

#3 You can break the ice with some games!

You can never truly be yourself when you go out. Even if it’s wearing that ill-fitting suit or suppressing awkward jokes, you and your special one are holding back in front of others. But with games, it’s a whole different story: you can get intimate and have some humongous laughs while you’re at it. How about a game of truth or dare? A scavenger hunt with romantic notes hidden around the house? Or even a simple dance or karaoke video game? Any of these are bound to get the both of you smiling and set the mood for romance. You’ll have time to share secrets, be honest, and sweat on the dance floor (or living room floor). Playing a game is perfect for starting off a romantic, casual evening and you might even learn stuff you never imagined from your special one.

#4 Cooking as a couple!

What can be more romantic than cooking side-by-side with your partner, cutting fresh vegetables together, stirring up that fragrant sauce, and watching the meat sizzle till it’s crispy in your mouth? And you can do all of that on your Blackstone griddle to make cooking extra savory or sweet (depending on your taste). Spectating while your special one is cooking is a bummer. Why not join efforts for the most romantic meal of the year? While that t-bone steak sizzles on the griddle, your partner can chop up the vegetables and prepare the salad. But hey, these are our suggestions: The cooking is up to you and the Blackstone can make a success of any dish. If you’re out of ideas, check our recipes section. If you’re into the classic seafood and romance duo, what about some delicious shrimps or an adventurous octopus? Vegetarians might have a blast with Portobello Mushrooms and Brussels Sprouts with Dried Cranberries. Yum!

#5 Total intimacy!

After you’ve had a delicious meal, with dessert and the drink of your dreams - it’s time to get together like you can’t anywhere else. Home is home after all, and if you’re a fan of watching movies, listening to music, or stargazing in the backyard - home is the place to be. And when it gets touchy, you won’t be bothered by restaurant-goers or that snoopy waiter. You’ve got a room just for that! Have fun and happy Valentine’s Day!

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