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Why are Blackstone griddles so popular?

Why Are Blackstone Griddles So Popular? 

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Flat Top Grill

 Did you know that the hashtags #blackstone and #blackstonegriddle have over 1.2 Billion views on TikTok? And over 99% of them come from videos made by fans! With so much praise and craze happening on the internet around Blackstone, we asked our everyday customers what benefits they've seen after buying a flat top grill. 

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Reason 1: It WILL get used

Number 1  reason for buying a flat top grill

One of the most frequent questions we ask ourselves when it comes to any significant purchase is, "How often will I really be using this?"

We surveyed our customers to find out that answer for you.

That's right! 92% of Blackstone customers use their griddle more than once a month compared to 58% of their gas and pellet grill siblings. In fact, 67% of our customers use it more than once a week! Why? Because it can be used for any meal of the day! 


Reason 2: Cook Anything

Reason 2: Cook anything on a Blackstone

"A Blackstone griddle is like the Swiss Army knife of cooking appliances!" one of our customers said.  

This is also the reason why a griddle gets used more often than a traditional grill or pellet grill. You can cook pancakes, eggs, and bacon for breakfast, ham and cheese sliders for lunch, and Cajun stir fry for dinner! The number of different recipes you can cook on a Blackstone is almost limitless. And you'll never run out of ideas on what to cook next because we have 4 full-time chefs constantly creating new recipes for you to try.


Reason 3: Convenience

Convenience = easy to use, cooks food quickly, prepares a lot of food at once. And with no flare-ups, you are less likely to burn and ruin your food (though it can still happen if you're not careful). All of this means spending more time with family and friends and less time cooking and cleaning.


Reason 4: Flavor

As a Blackstone fan adamantly proclaimed in one of her answers, "Every time we cook, that first bite always blows me away. It just doesn't get old."

Another customer, John, frequently went to the diner with his family for breakfast ... A LOT ... until they tried making it on a Blackstone. After that one meal, they decided they no longer needed to go out for breakfast because they "cracked their (the diner's) secret by cooking on a griddle!"


Reason 5: Eat Out Less

"We used to eat out 5 times a week prior to picking up the Blackstone griddle two years ago. We now rarely eat out as we love the experience of doing it ourselves!" - Aaron B.

Many people told us they no longer needed to go out in order to get restaurant-quality food because they could easily make it at home. And because of the versatility of a griddle, a lot of them expressed the fun they've had creating copy-cat recipes from popular restaurants! 

Reason 6: More Time Outdoors

Cook outdoors more

If you've been stuck inside all day, cooking outdoors can literally be a breath of fresh air. And if you love camping you might even attract some neighbors with those amazing smells. Just ask Denise who said:

"The very first time I used the Blackstone grill, I knew right away this was going to be a wonderful addition to our camping experience, we were visiting a campground near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon and I was cooking up a storm with steaks, onions, peppers and mushrooms. And honestly, everyone nearby in other camp sites were going crazy smelling my food. And when they walked by us they commented on how good our food smelled and how they forgot to bring their Blackstone grill. They even asked if they could they put their steaks on our grill which lead to a small and cozy party with our neighbors having butcher cut steaks and wonderful food and new friends.

Reason 7: Easy to Clean

Reason 7: Easy to clean a griddle

With the patented rear grease management system cleaning is super easy! Just scrape all the excess food and grease to the back. Add some water if you need unstick some of that burnt on food. Then add a fresh coat of oil and you're all set! Check out our complete guide for cleaning for more details. 

The only pots or pans that you need to wash are the ones you might have used to prep and serve the food. 

When answering what their favorite thing about owning a Blackstone was J.R. said, "It's stupid but I can finish cooking and quickly clean the grill and be DONE by the time everyone’s home. And can all eat at the same time, and I don’t have to dread cleaning the majority of the dishes!"


Reason 8: "Turn the CHORE of cooking into the LOVE of cooking!" - Robert

All Blackstone owners can confess that at one point they've tried to wield their two spatulas like Bruce Lee uses nunchakus. I mean it IS the reason we love to go to restaurants like Teppanyaki and Benihana's. While the food is amazing,  watching those chefs completes the experience. And it's those types of  experiences that we never forget. Right Chris? 

"We cooked Japanese style teriyaki chicken one night and I tried to juggle the spatulas and flip the eggs. My girls laughed and laughed it was a great time and the food was good also."   - Chris G.


Reason 9: Healthier Cooking

While this isn't the case for every one, a lot of customers expressed that because of the versatility, they were more apt to try different foods, even vegetables. 

"The taste of our food is amazing!! We eat more veggies and have gained a ton more friends from our neighborhood due to the smell of us cooking on our Blackstone. Score!"  - Kerri M. 

Reason 10: No Smokey Stinky Kitchen

We've all been there - cooking bacon on the stove and all of a sudden it starts smoking more than a fire of wet wood. The smoke fills the kitchen, then the house, and finally the smoke alarms start going off.

Not only is it easier to cook breakfast on a Blackstone, but all the smoke and smell stays outside.  

The REAL #1 reason to buy a Blackstone: Family Time

10 benefits using a flat top grill

As our friend Aaron said, "The Blackstone has made cooking a family affair in our home. The ease of cooking with it has been amazing as both of my boys who are 6 and 9 absolutely love it! Memories to last a lifetime! 

Bring family and friends together to make those memories is what Blackstone is all about.


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