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2 Pack Scouring Pads (20 Scouring Pads)

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Keep your griddle and cookware clean between uses with Blackstone Heavy-Duty Griddle and Grill Scouring Pads. Their large size and flexibility make the Blackstone Scouring Pads easy to hold in your hand or with a pair of tongs as you scrub. The textured material removes stuck-on food particles, debris, and grease to give a fresh surface for your next cooking session. They are also resistant to clogging, allowing for easy and thorough rinsing for your next use. Pair with the Blackstone 13-Piece or 8-Piece Griddle Toolkit for a convenient handle for your scouring pads.

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  • Twenty (20) Scouring Pads
  • Replacement pads for
    • Blackstone 13-Piece Griddle Cleaning Kit
    • Blackstone 8-Piece Griddle Cleaning Kit
  • Clog resistant for easy rinsing clean