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Two (2) Commercial-Grade Dispensers for Liquids of Your Choice, to Enhance your Griddle Cooking Experience Two (2) Commercial-Grade Spatulas; One with Perforation One (1) Chopper/Scraper...
PANCAKE DISPENSER: Large 4-Cup Capacity Measurement Display on a Cylinder Easy to Use Easy Cleanup Can be Used with Various Batter Types BACON PRESS: 1/4″H...
6-Inch Stainless Steel Griddle Scraper Griddle Scrubber Handle Three (3) Scour Pads
5" Extra Wide Hamburger Spatula Classic 3" Wide Spatula 14" Tongs 14" Serving & Basting Spoon 14" Fork
Crepe Kit Crepe Kit
$19.99 $29.99
$19.99 $29.99
Crepe Spreader made of 100% Natural Beech-Wood Stainless Steel Offset Spatula Powdered Sugar Dredge 16 oz. Sauce/Oil Bottle
Commercial-Grade Griddle Scraper with Splash Guard Deep Clean your Dirty Griddle Top Designed for Griddles or Grill Grates Can be Used on Hot or Cold...
Commercial-Grade Stainless Steel Griddle Scraper (with Splash Guard) Designed for Griddles or Grill Grates Handle & Cleaning Brick Can be Used on Hot or Cold...
Heavy-Gauge Stainless Steel Burger Press 3/8″ Raised Edge Provides an Even, Consistent Smashed Burger Use up to 1/3 lb. Hamburger Patties 10 oz. Spice Dredge...
Salsa Bowl Combo Set Salsa Bowl Combo Set
$22.99 $24.99
$22.99 $24.99
Two (2) 8 oz. Salsa Bowls Two (2) 20 oz. Salsa Bowls Break Resistant Authentic Design
14-Inch Stainless Steel Tongs with Wooden Handle 32 oz. Sauce/Liquid Bottle Stainless Steel Hamburger Spatula with Wooden Handle Stainless Steel Scraper with Wooden Handle Two...
6-Inch Stainless Steel Griddle Scraper Handle & Three (3) Scour Pads Handle & Two (2) Cleaning Bricks Available in Stores Only