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Griddle Tools

Griddle Tools

By Paul Sidoriak


With everyone cooking more at home these days, playing with your food has never been more en vogue.

Did you know that Blackstone has a variety of griddle tools you can use to not only make griddle cooking more convenient, but they are lots of fun to cook with?

These are three of my favorite Blackstone griddle tools that put the fun in functionality, and allow the whole family to get in on the cooking action.


Burger Kit:

This three-piece kit comes complete with all of the essentials for making a delicious burger on the griddle.

A stainless-steel hamburger press allows you to quickly flatten burger meat into patties directly on your griddletop. Simply drop some burger meat onto the griddle and use the press to flatten the meat into a patty. Its oversized handle makes the burger press easy to grip and a raised edge presses burgers to just the right thickness. The kit also includes a cooking dredge you can fill with your favorite burger seasoning so you can get spices evenly added to the meat the same way the pro’s do at your favorite burger restaurant. When it comes time to turn the burger, you will flip over the extra wide spatula. The burger spatula is extra sturdy so you can scrape under the meat with ease when flipping.

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Pro Tip: Use a sheet of parchment paper between the burger meat and burger press to prevent the meat from sticking


Blackstone 4-Piece Griddle Breakfast Kit for Pancakes, Eggs, Bacon:

With the help of this 4-piece breakfast kit, the most important meal of the day comes together in short order. Getting perfectly round fried eggs is a cinch when you crack an egg into the nonstick egg ring. Designed to sit directly on the griddle surface, the egg ring also has a wooden handle making it easy to grab and move around while cooking. Use the bacon press and say goodbye to curled bacon. Blackstone’s bacon press is sturdy and will help bacon cook more efficiently, weighing down the food and preventing the edges of the bacon from curling. If you flip over flap jacks, you will love the pancake batter dispenser that portions out the perfect amount of pancake batter with a simple squeeze of the handle.

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Blackstone 9-Piece Pancake Art Kit, Includes 3 Molds and 6 Bottles:

Even if you’re not the Picasso of pancakes, the Blackstone 9-piece pancake art kit is the foundation for some delicious looking pancake art. The kit includes 6 different bottles so you can add food coloring to the pancake batter and let your creativity run wild. The 3 pancake molds are in different shapes resembling a dinosaur, pig, and a bear. A fun activity for kids, grandkids, parents, and grandparents.

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