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7 Tips for the Perfect Steak

7 Tips for the Perfect Steak

Let's admit it: We have all had a bad steak and we have all made a bad steak. So here are some of the tips to get the most out of any cut.

Understanding the Grade

There are three common grades that are readily accessible to most people. Each can be made awesome but you have to understand how they are different. 

Prime: This is the highest quality of beef. Only about 3% of beef can be called prime so you pay a premium for prime meat. Prime meat has a visible amount of intermuscular fat that transforms into a deliciously flavorful treat when cooked.

Choice: Over 50% of the beef sold at supermarkets is choice beef. It has less marbling than prime but is typical of excellent quality and flavorful.

Select: The lowest quality of meat sold at grocery stores, select meat is often quite lean which can mean far less juicy. Select meat is often on sale and the most affordable.

Additional Tips for Success

1) Salt

Salt is the single best seasoning to bring out the flavor of the beef. Salt the cut of meat anywhere between half an hour to six hours and leave on a plate uncovered in the refrigerator. Table salt works for this method, but it’s not optimal. Instead choose a pink Himalayan salt, sea salt, or kosher salt for best results.

2) Bring to Room Temperature

Consider allowing your meat to rest on a plate at room temperature (70-75F) for about 45 minutes before cooking. This will get the chill off of the meat slightly and allow the browning process or maillard reaction to happen more quickly when the meat hits the griddle

3) Dry

One of the benefits of cooking a steak on the Blackstone griddle is that you can achieve a beautiful brown crust that looks and tastes delicious. The key to getting a beautifully browned steak is to make sure the steak is extremely dry before cooking.

4) Cooking Your Steak

Thinner cuts of meats may benefit from cooking hot and fast at temperatures between 425-450F. Thicker cuts need a bit longer at a lower temperature which will result in a juicier and more flavorful steak! The only way to know precisely what temperature your griddle is cooking is by using an infrared thermometer.


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