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Bandito Chicken and Waffles

Will it Bandito: Chicken and Waffles

(Recipe from Jason Black. Winner of the #WillitBandito Challenge)



⁃       Chicken Cutlets

⁃       Bacon  

⁃       Chili Cheese Fritos

⁃       Waffle Mix  

⁃       Maple syrup

⁃       TDs BBQ sauce (Or preferred bbq sauce)

⁃       BS Sweet Maple Seasoning  

⁃       Salt

⁃       Pepper

⁃        Yellow onion  ⁃         Waffle Iron


  1. Pre heat one zone of your griddle to medium/medium high and place 2-3 strips of thick cut bacon to cook. Be sure to flip occasionally to cook evenly on both side.
  2. While your bacon is cooking you can season your chicken cutlets. On both sides lightly coat with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. In a large ziplock bag add a generous amount of Fritos and crush till you have a nice fine powder. It doesn’t have to be totally powder. Just a fine consistency that will coat well on your chicken. Add your seasoned chicken in the bag and shake to coat the chicken thoroughly. Once coated with the chili cheese Fritos add a decent amount of olive oil, roughly 3-4 tbsp to shallow fry on the griddle. If you have bacon fat that’s rendering on the griddle you can slide some of that into the olive oil as well. Place your crusted chicken into the oil and cook till golden brown on both sides and remove.
  3. While your meat is cooking slice half a yellow onion and cut into thin julienne strips. You should have enough space on your griddle next to your chicken to add the onions in the bacon and olive oil fat. Season with salt and pepper and toss occasionally making sure the onions are coated in the bacon fa and olive oil. Cook to preference, but I recommend you caramelize them down to golden brown and crispy. When your onions and bacon are almost done you can season them both with the Blackstone Sweet Maple seasoning and remove from heat. The bacon will need to drain on some paper towels.
  4. Using your preferred waffle mix follow directions on the box and cook your waffles using your waffle iron. While your waffles are cooking you can chop up your bacon into little bits, as big or small as you prefer.
  5. Time to plate. With one waffle on your plate add 1 pice of your chili cheese crusted chicken on top of your waffle, a small mound of crispy onions, toss a few pieces of your bacon bits on top, drizzle lightly with your bbq sauce and maple syrup and finally post dust with your Blackstone Sweet Maple Seasoning and enjoy!

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