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Bayou Sous Vide Steak

Bayou Sous Vide Steak

By Bruce Mitchell 

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  • 1 Large Tomahawk Steak
  • 1 cup Dale Seasoning
  • 10 small Red Potatoes
  • Water
  • 24oz package of Bacon
  • 3 Tbsp of Butter
  • ½ cup Half and half
  • ½ cup Green Onions
  • ½ tsp of Garlic Powder
  • 1 Tbsp of Chives
  • ½ tsp Zatarain’s Shimp and Crab Boil
  • Steak seasoning


  1. Place steak in a sealable bag with 1 cup of Dale seasoning to marinate
  2. Boil 2 quarts of water and dump into an ice chest that already has 2 quarts of warm water.
  3. Place the bag with the steak inside the ice chest and close. Let it sit for about 2 hours.
  4. To make Mashed Bacon Potatoes, slice 10 small red potatoes and place in a large pot. Add about 1 quart of water and ½ tsp of Zatarain’s Shimp and Crab Boil.
  5. Place pot on a burner and bring to a boil and cook for 10-15min.
  6. Set griddle temperature to high and cook one 24oz package of thick cut bacon.
  7. Strain the potatoes and add 3 Tbsp of butter and ½ cup of half and half while mashing.
  8. Cut the bacon into small chunks and add to mashed potatoes and mix some more.
  9. Cut and add ½ cup of green onion, ½ tsp of garlic powder, and 1 Tbsp of chives to the mashed potatoes and mix.
  10. Remove the steak from the ice chest and place on cutting board and season with your preferred steak seasoning. Place seasoning side down on the griddle and season the other side. Cook for 3-5 minutes on each side.
  11. Remove steak and let it sit for 10 minutes.
  12. Cut, plate, and enjoy!

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