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10 Reasons to Purchase a Griddle

Ever wonder why Griddle Cooking is the newest outdoor cooking craze? Why are some folks ditching the charcoal grill and going all the way with flat tops? What is so great about them anyway? Well, a griddle is suitable for every meal - breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But there are so many other reasons you should check it out. Let’s go:

#1 Cook Every Meal

The day’s just starting. Maybe you go for a jog, maybe you decide to take your time and enjoy some family time before work... Time for breakfast! And you can’t spell breakfast without bacon, eggs, and pancakes. The griddle cooks them up, and these tools help out a bunch. Then comes lunch. How about some burgers, hot dogs, or even sliders? Or cook up some wraps, like fajitas, quesadillas or tacos. And it doesn’t stop there - you can have fish, rice, or even pizza. On a griddle the choices for lunch are infinite. And seal the deal with an epic dinner. Anything goes: steak, seafood, pasta, hash browns, chicken or even corn on the cob. Cook up large portions, and you even have leftovers for the whole family the next day! Oh, and why not have some dessert too?

#2 Seared and Locked-In Flavor

Searing is a technique used for centuries. The Aztecs loved searing tortillas on clay flat tops, and even the Scots seared up their scones. It’s a cooking method that forms a delicious crust on the surface. Think of that browned steak - crispy, charred, and toasty. That’s what searing does, and it’s delicious. Chefs call it the Maillard Reaction. Have you ever been to a five-star steakhouse? Steakhouses so good that their meat tastes like heavenly delicacies? Chances are they used a Griddle - it’s the only way to get that priceless, delicious crust. Also, griddles lock in the flavors. How you ask? Well, that’s because the surface is flat and the juices can’t escape. They have no choice but to infuse with the meat - and that’s perfect! On a griddle, the fat becomes a flavoring agent. That means juicier, more savory meats. Throw some seasonings on the flat top, and the meat will soak them right up - can’t get that on any ordinary grill.

#3 Steam and Smoke Food

We already talked about the searing, but Blackstone griddles do even more. First off, you can steam up meals. All it takes is a basting cover and some water. Now you’ve got STEAM! Moisture on your meat, steaming hot veggies, and melted cheese! Delicious! Also, you may have heard that smoking works only with charcoal. Don’t listen; those guys got it wrong! Griddles smoke up dishes too - all it takes is a technique called the smoke hack! Basically, light up some chips and cover them to smoke your dishes. Learn how to do the smoke hack and steam meals in this article!

#4 Lifetime Use

Blackstone griddles are built with cold-rolled steel. The legs are industrial-grade, and the wheels have commercial quality. Everything about this griddle is built to last a lifetime. Know anyone that got a car passed on from his dad? Blackstone’s the same - a small investment worth a lifetime (way cheaper than a car). Imagine your kids all grown up and cooking up on the same griddle you used. Isn’t that magical?

#5 Portable

Heck, wouldn’t it be nice if you could cook up steakhouse quality food anywhere? How nice it would be to have a machine to cook on without the compromise! Luckily, Blackstone Griddles exist! They are fold and go, which means outdoor cooking anywhere! Want to cook beside a mountain? A boat? Tailgate by the stadium? Your childhood park? Best buddy’s backyard? Anywhere. Griddles hit the road with you and work with the same results. All you need is food, propane, and a griddle. And of course, folks to eat with!

#6 Easy Maintenance

When it comes to care for a Blackstone Griddle, it’s basic stuff. First off, the main thing you need to do is seasoning. Don’t worry; it’s easy - just oil it up to form a protective coat. Get all the details on this seasoning guide. Then, you need to store it in the right place to maintain the flat top. That means no direct sunlight and no humidity. If you need help, our griddle care guide has all the tips. And let’s say that unfortunately, your griddle gets rusty. For other cooking machines, you could say goodbye. But with Blackstone it’s a different story - in no time you can remove all the rust and get the griddle back in action! This guide teaches you how to remove rust easily!

#7 Serve the Whole Crowd!

Imagine a massive backyard party. All the kids of the block, relatives from across the country, neighbors, coworkers, and even pets! That’s a lot of mouths to feed - you’d probably have to work full-time cooking while people have the time of their lives. But Blackstone griddles save the day. Cook up 72 hot dogs in a single go! Bet that gets food on everyone’s plate. The 36” Griddle is the biggest flat top from the best-seller in the market. Fits 28 patties and 16 steaks! And the small models pack a punch too - the 17” Table Top Griddle cooks 12 eggs at the same time or even 9 patties! With a griddle you never need to worry cooking for the crowd endlessly. One shot seals the deal!

#8 Cook up in Every Season

When do folks eat BBQ? Summer, right? Well, with Blackstone you can cook it up in any season: summer, fall, winter, and spring. Scorching sun or harsh winter, the griddle works just fine. That’s because the griddle relies on propane. And propane doesn’t die out because of a harsh wind. The burners won’t die out because of moisture in the air. So, if it’s winter and you want a griddled meal, go for it. In fact, we did! This guide teaches you how to griddle it up in the snow! So, rain or shine, hot or cold, the griddle cooks up any meal to perfection.

#9 The Perfect Gift

For anyone that loves great food, the Blackstone is the gift of a lifetime. The outdoor cooking machine that cooks up any ingredient with a seared crust. You steam up veggies. Smoke up a steak. Fix up pancakes with bacon for breakfast. If a guy wants to eat griddled food for the rest of his life with intense flavor, he can. And that’s the gift for your father, mother, brother, buddy or anybody else you love. Blackstone is a great way to show love - with a lifetime of delicious meals. Plus, can you imagine how exciting it’d be to be to see the look in the eyes of your loved one when they see that big box all wrapped up? We are not kidding, have a look at Blackstone Griddle Owners Facebook Group and see how happy people are when unboxing a Blackstone. It’s just like Christmas - every day!

#10 from Amateur to Pro Cuisine

Blackstone griddles have all the features any steakhouse chef needs. And we’re talking of the highest quality. The flat top has what it takes to bring priceless flavor to every meal. Control the burners precisely. High heat for a rapid sear? Just turn up the dial. Low flames for slow cooking? You’ve got it too. It’s easy for any beginner to master. And the flat top is made of cold-rolled steel. Forged for excellent heat retention. You won’t have an undercooked meal ever again. Blackstone cooks up every dish deliciously. From meat all the way to veggies. Expert Bang Bang Shrimp to nice n’ easy Philly Cheesesteak. With our recipes, your meals will always be a hit! That means the griddle is the most versatile and easy outdoor cooking machine. It’s got all the essentials of a pro, with the ease for an amateur, and the pricing of a champ. You can’t go wrong with Blackstone!

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