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Ask Blackstone Anything Answers

Ask Blackstone Anything Q&A

This post is based on questions asked in our "Ask Blackstone Anything" Monday newsletter. To submit a question please sign up for our email newsletter. 

Q: Can you overseason a griddle?

A: It is possible to overseason a griddle. The excess seasoning that hasn't bonded with the cold-rolled steel is brown and looks just like rust. To remove, heat the griddle, apply a little oil, and use a scraper or cleaning stone to remove the excess seasoning. See video here

If your griddle does happen to rust check out this video here on how to remove it.

PRO TIP: The easiest way to keep your griddle from rusting is to use it frequently (at least weekly).


Q: What would cause my griddle to warp and how do I fix it? 

A: Because our griddle tops are manufactured from sheets of steel only a few millimeters thick, they are influenced more by changes in heat than their thicker commercial counterparts. Due to how many BTUs our griddles can produce, the griddle top can warp slightly when it is getting used to the heat—especially if it experiences a substantial heat shock.  
In most cases, continuing to use the griddle will help it flatten back out. Repeated heating and cooling cycles get the griddle more used to the heat, and it will flatten out naturally.  

Some ways to prevent warping are: 

  • Do not add large quantities of very cold or frozen food to a hot griddle top
  • Do not pour water over a hot griddle top. When you need to use water for cleaning, use small and concentrated amounts of water to prevent heat-shocking the griddle surface. 


Q: How to properly clean a Blackstone griddle?

A: One of our brand chefs, Todd Toven, did an amazing video showcasing three levels of cleaning required depending on how big of a mess is left over. Check it out here.

PRO TIP: Make sure you clean the griddle while it's still hot and apply a thin layer of oil afterward to lock the moisture out and get you ready for the next meal.


Q: When should I reseason my griddle?

A: There is no exact answer for this, but after cooking on it for a while (8 months, one year, two years, etc), the seasoning on the griddle will start to become uneven and have a rough-like texture. That is when you know it's time for a new seasoning. Check out this video from Todd as he explains the process more in-depth.


Q: Is a new Blackstone pizza oven coming out? 

A: Yes!! We recently put out an article about it HERE.

We are in the final testing phase - no official release date has been announced as of yet. 


Q: How to cook pizza on the griddle without burning the bottom and undercooking the top?

A: CJ and Betty made a great video about how to make pizza on a Blackstone griddle without burning the bottom before the cheese melts.

PRO TIP: Lightly toast the bread on the griddle, flip it over, then add the cheese first. After the cheese, add the sauce, pepperoni, and other toppings.

Q: How do I make crispy hashbrowns on a griddle? 

A: Cook them on medium-high heat. Use more oil and butter than you think. Spread the hash browns out as much as possible so there’s more surface area to get crispy.

PRO TIP: Keep to a single layer when cooking hashbrowns. If you have a thick layer, the moisture from the potatoes will end up steaming the top layer, making them soft instead of crispy. Also, avoid moving them around too frequently. Let them cook until crispy on one side and then flip.

Q: Tips for keeping food from sticking on a griddle? 

A: Use plenty of oil. Also, check your griddle top for any cracks in the seasoning. Cracks or uneven spots in the seasoning can cause food to stick.

PRO TIP: A common myth we hear is that when you season your griddle it becomes non-stick.

This is partially true. While that layer of seasoning does help keep your food from sticking you will still need to add some oil to the griddle because that oil can still burn off or get absorbed by the food.

Q: What heat setting do you use for pancakes, French toast, and eggs?

A: Medium-low for all three. It’s hot enough to cook the batter/egg through without scorching the bottom. Here's a good video of one of our chefs demonstrating how to cook eggs three different ways

PRO TIP: If  French Toast or Pancakes are cooked on high, you run the risk of only cooking the outside while the middle remains runny. 


Q: What cover best fits my griddle?

A: We created a handy “Find My Cover” tool that can pair you up with the right soft cover for your griddle


Q: How to replace/repair a Blackstone ignitor? 

A: Sometimes the needle is too close or too far away from the burner to ignite. If this is the case, you will need to remove the griddle top to adjust the need to be ¼ inch from the burner. Here’s a good explanation video.


Q: Can an olive oil cooking spray be used on the griddle before cooking? 

A: Most spray oils are not good for your griddle top. Many aerosol sprays contain additional ingredients such as lecithin that are not good for your seasoning. The same goes for our E-Series model. These additives can build up over your non-stick surface and do more harm than good. 
You can always use liquid cooking oils on your griddle top. However, if you prefer the convenience of cooking sprays, we do offer a Blackstone Griddle Spray (available in stores at Walmart and Lowe’s). Our spray was formulated without the additives that harm the griddle top.


Q: Does Blackstone have a warranty and how do I activate it?

A: All Blackstone griddles come with a 1-Year manufacturer warranty that covers parts, workmanship, and finishes. To activate your warranty, you can register your griddle on our website here.  
Your registration gives us the information we need to order replacement parts for you if you ever need to place a warranty claim. 


Q: Can I smoke meat on my Blackstone?

A: Yes, you can cold smoke meats on a griddle. Add woodchips to a small pan and light. Place a warming rack directly onto the griddle top. Then you can put a piece of fish or steak onto the rack. Move the woodchips next to the rack and then cover with either your griddle’s hood or a large basting dome. Let sit for 20-45 minutes, now those pieces of meat will be infused with the smoke flavor. Check out this video for more information on this process.


Q: Can I cook tin foil meals on the griddle?

A: Yes, you can! Tin foil meals on the griddle top work great as the cold rolled steel distributes heat perfectly and gives your meal an even cook, much like a fire. 


Q: Best way to cook a steak on the griddle?

A: It depends on the steak, but these tips will apply to any steak.

1. Pat your steak dry before you season it. Removing the excess moisture will help you develop a better sear.

2. Use the Blackstone griddle press to ensure that the entire steak makes contact with the griddle top.

3. Remember to always allow your steak to rest before cutting! 


Q: How do you make the best smash burgers?

A: We always use 80/20 ground beef for smash burgers and roll them out into 3–4-ounce meatballs. Turn your griddle to medium-high and apply a light layer of canola oil. Throw down the beef and use a burger press and a piece of wax paper to smash the burger as thin as possible. Remove the wax paper and season immediately with salt and pepper or another seasoning blend of your choice. Once the burger is very crispy on one side, use your spatula to scrape underneath the burger and flip. A smash burger should only take about 2 minutes to cook, any longer and you will overcook the burger and dry it out. Here is a great video showing how to make delicous smash burgers.


Q: After I am done cleaning my griddle and applying another coating of oil on it do I burn that off or put it on after the griddle is cold and then leave it be? 

A: Just adding a light layer of oil will protect your griddle until the next cook. There is no need to smoke off the oil after each cook.


Q: Can/How do you cook a baked potato on a Blackstone? 

A: Start with a few small Russet potatoes. Wash them and lightly coat them with olive oil and coarse salt. Wrap them in aluminum foil. Turn your griddle to medium heat and place the wrapped potatoes directly onto the griddle top. Cover with a basting dome and cook for 30 minutes, turning occasionally. 


Q: What is the best way to clean the exterior of my Blackstone?

A: The main things to remember when cleaning the exterior of your griddle are to use gentle cleaners and non-abrasive rags or paper towels. This prevents scratching or damaging your powder coat. You can use warm, soapy water and a rag to gently remove any dirt or grease from the body of the griddle. 

For easy, everyday clean-up, we do offer a non-toxic Degreaser Cleaner Spray. It is safe on all surfaces of your griddle—including the griddle top!


Q: Best way to clean and maintain the titanium nonstick E-Series griddle surface?

A: Our E-Series griddle plates are designed to make clean-up easy. Frequently, cleaning is as simple as pushing any residue and debris to the grease cup and wiping it down with a  paper towel. For more involved cleaning, the griddle top can be removed and hand washed using standard dish soap and a non-abrasive scrub pad or sponge.  
For more cooking and care instructions for the E-Series models, please see here.


Q: Can I cook using a cast iron skillet on a Blackstone griddle? If so, any suggestions?

A: You can use any kind of metal pan directly on the griddle top. Most things you can cook in a cast iron will work directly on the griddle top, no skillet needed. 

We recommend using pots or pans on the griddle when you need to cook things that need a confined space like syrup.


Q: Suggestions for keeping the wind from blowing out the flames of my Blackstone?

A: We sell wind guards for 28” & 36” griddles on our site. Please note that they will not work with our Culinary units, but they can be used on other griddles with hoods (the hood must be open for them to work properly).


Q:  What's the best way to cook salmon on a griddle?

A: Place the skin side down on the oiled griddle (set to medium). Top with thin squares of butter, herbs, and lemon then cover for 4-6 minutes depending on the thickness of the filet. Serve with greens. 


Q: How do you clean the burners on a Blackstone? The flames have changed colors.

A: The flame color for a burner is determined by the oxygen to propane ratio. Some of our 28” griddles are designed with an oxygen-propane ratio that causes the flame to be more orange, which is normal. However, if your griddle’s flames are uneven, or are not reaching the temperature they should be, you may need to clean your burners. 
In most cases, the easiest way to clean a burner is to remove it and clean it out with a bottle brush or compressed air. Here’s a video explaining the process.


Q: Best recipe for NY strip steak on a Blackstone Griddle?

A: Start by pulling your steak out of the fridge about 30 minutes to an hour before you plan on cooking. Use a couple of paper towels to remove any excess moisture from the outside of the steak. Season heavily with salt and pepper.  
Heat your griddle to medium-high heat. Use a high heat oil and sear the steak on both sides until your preferred doneness. You can even finish your steak by basting it with butter, rosemary, and fresh thyme. Don’t forget to rest your steak!


Q: Tips for cooking grilled cheese on a griddle?

A: We usually keep the griddle on medium heat for grilled cheese. Then we like to spread a little mayonnaise on the outside of the bread before toasting it. The added oil from the mayo will help give you that coveted golden-brown crust. 


Q:  Should the griddle be cleaned immediately after using it? 

A: Yes, cleaning the griddle right after use is the best option because the left-over food will not have had a chance to solidly stick to the griddle.

If you prefer to eat right after you cook, waiting isn’t detrimental. Just make sure your griddle is up to heat whenever you get around to cleaning it. 


Q: I've seen cinnamon rolls cooked on a griddle before - what kind do you buy and how do you cook them? 

A: Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls are usually the best for making griddled cinnamon rolls. The best way we’ve found to cook them is by putting down butter then smashing them into the griddle top and making them into a pancake-like shape. Once you have a good sear on both sides, the inside will be done. 


Q: Best way to cook pork chops on a griddle?

A: It comes down to preference! For thick-cut pork chops, we recommend using a marinade and then searing them on both sides of the griddle. Here’s a great recipe for marinated pork chops.  
For thin-cut pork chops, you can cook them southern style by soaking them in buttermilk, battering them with flour, and shallow frying them right on the griddle top! 


Q: Can I connect my tabletop Blackstone to my RV?

A: Yes, we've made a 15-foot hose specifically for that here!


Q: Can you bake on a Blackstone?

 A: Yes! It does take some creativity, but it is possible to bake cookies, muffins, cake, and much more on the griddle. The expert on this topic is Chef Sherry Ronning, author and creator of the blog From Michigan to the TableShe even wrote a post for us with 10 tips for baking on a Blackstone! 


Q: When do you recommend using the cleaning stone? After every meal?

A: We recommend using the resurfacing stone when you are looking to reseason your griddle and need to scrape the old seasoning off your griddle. For that, you add some oil to the griddle and scrub it down with the resurfacing stone like in this video


Q:  Can I cut food directly on the griddle? 

A: Yes, but please keep in mind that it can damage seasoning if you do it enough. It can also dull your knives quickly. 

We recommend chopping food with our spatulas, which have beveled edges and won't damage the seasoning of your griddle.

Or you can get a cutting board that can be placed directly on the griddle.


Q: Can you fry battered fish on the Blackstone?

 A: Yes! We have a great recipe on our site for some Beer Battered Fish and Chips you should check out. The same method of battering fish can be used for chicken and many other foods.


Q: What is a good high-heat oil?

A: Our brand chef, Todd Toven, loves using avocado oil - it's a high-heat oil with a smoke point of over 400 degrees. Other oils with high smoke points are peanut, canola, sunflower, and sesame oil.


Q: Is it okay to eat off the griddle if there is rust on it? 

A: Using cookware that can rust, such as cast iron, or in the case of the griddle, steel, has been a tradition for generations and through that time we’ve learned how to remove rust when it occurs. 

While in most cases, rust on a griddle surface is unlikely to harm you, we recommend removing it and reseasoning your griddle before using it.


Q: Are your products manufactured in China?

A: All our products are designed by our team of griddle enthusiasts in Logan, Utah. Currently, all our griddles are manufactured to US standards in our sister factory in China. However, our consumable products like our sauces, seasonings, and cleaning supplies, are bottled here in the USA. 


Q: Do you have a mat that can be placed under the Blackstone to keep grease from splattering my deck/patio? 

A: Grease stains can be a hassle to remove. Here is a link to our griddle mat so you can keep your cooking space grease free!


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